Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I’ve got a secret. A dirty little secret…

Gosh darn if Post Secret isn't one of my favorite sites in the history of EVER.

Some of the secrets make me smile

Now, this person is just a grade A, CERTiFiED hater, but iCan almost understand the logic behind that. Still, they're a hater, plain and simple

Others make me laugh out loud

iHave a secret fear of cat ladies, they're just creepy as hell to me

Then there are the ones that make me cry a little bit

&& before Quan, iUsed to be like that. Don't tell anyone tho lol

[for those who think I’m a bitch based on the ‘mean’ things I’ve said on here, I DO have a heart, thank you]

There are ones that sound a lot like me

&& it's not that I'm AFRAiD exactly, but iJust want my first time to mean somethin' to me and to the guy that I give it to, which explains why I've remained a virgin for these 19 years that I've been alive, but...there is someone that iKNOW it would be special with...♥

And the ones that remind me of the people I know

this is almost exactly what one of my friends told me after she and her BF broke up

So yeah, if you couldn’t tell, there was really no point to this post, I just saw some of these post cards again so I had to do it

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