Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I got my t-shirt and my panties on

But you can’t see shit so if any of my nosy ass family members have somehow found my damn blog you can calm the eff down.

I made this vid for mi amor Quan when my stupid webcam wouldn’t work when we were IM-ing on YiM yesterday. Sorry about the quality of this but the file was too big so I had to change the size so now I look all pixilated and not as sexy as I normally do. lol, I’m tweakin’ right now because for one I’m hyped up on Diet Pepsi and Sunchips, I heard some good news about somethin’ good [look at me bein’ redundant lol] and I’m bored waiting for this typing class to start.

I’m kinda cute and I have a nice voice huh?


Oh, by the way, this is what Quan had to say

shit...he could get it lmao. How hard would you

he then went on to say some other things, none of which I will be posting here but um…yeah.

He wants me (:


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