Friday, March 27, 2009

Together we can prevent dumbasses on MySpace. Join my cause?

I'm not braggin' or anythig, but iGet shit damn near identical to this at least twice a week

*annoyed frustrated sigh*

I’m on a campaign against dumb muhfuckas on MySpace.

So, if you couldn’t tell by my friend count of over 8.1 k friends [take that Gifted! lol, sorry, had to do it] I never deny a friend a friend request. No, on second thought, I take that back. I have denied friend requests before. I don’t know what the fuck this bitch was smokin’, but Quan’s crazy ass ex bitch tried to add me on MySpace from all three of her profiles. smh, chick must’ve thought I was dumb, like I don’t know what the fuck her old ass looks like *rolls eyes*. Thirty year old bitches that play games on MySpace with their ex boyfriends new and very much improved girlfriends…that’s a blog for another day tho; back to the topic.

Stupid people—especially those on MySpace—annoy the hell outta me. Take the lame pictured above. Now, besides lookin’ all types of retarded in his default picture and telling me somethin’ I already know—Shit, I am a sexy ass muhfucka. I won’t deny that fact, why should he?

[lmfao, I’m just playin’ y’all, I’m not that fine, as I tell Quan and his many brothers, I’m just cute]

I could just tell that he was destined to be a dumbass. Let’s take a look at some of the pictures in his albums, shall we? fighting is illegal.


why the fuck would you even insinuate that you were taking a part in very illegal dog fighting?

Holdin' a gun lookin' all tyopes of illegal then he had the nerve to have Jesus tatted on his gun arm smh

Like I say too frequently,

“he’s just another MySpace gangsta holdin’ a gun in his pic lookin’ all types of illegal.”

*rolls eyes*

oh shit, look at him multi-taskin’.

Holdin’ a gun, smokin’ a blunt while simultaneously having a conversation on his BlueTooth device.

Now…is this fool unaware of the fact that employers check people’s MySpace and FaceBook pages? Even McDonalds would be hesitant to hire him to flip burgers for them after peepin’ this shit. Nigga was on his page talkin’ about “I’m a killa”

get the fuck outta here and off the computer wit’ that stupid shit.

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