Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Know this is old-ish but…Christina, Girl, WHY?

This was released like last week, but this is some of the funniest shit I’ve seen all damn day. Matter of fact, it may just BE the funniest shit I’ve seen all damn day.

Peep the vid.


Christina Milian…girl why?

Out of all the little R&B chicks in the industry, she was just about the only one I wouldn’t get annoyed about when whatever guy I had on the phone at that present moment said she was fine/bad/a dime/whateva. I myself think that she’s pretty—and I will very rarely say that another chick is attractive fyi—and talented on top of it but going from this


see? her hair color choice? Yeah, thats cute PLUS it goes with her skin tone

to this


lookin' like a suburban housewife gone awry smh


That’s NOT gettin’ it.

Johnta said he used to wanna take her to bed now he wouldn’t even take her to the bus station, and as someone who spends an unfortunate amount of time at the bus station? I can personally say that I’ve seen many a pathetic, sad lookin’ female who thinks she looks oh so fine—and just look at that smile. She thinks she’s a dime. It’s sad really—walkin’ around the bus station in outfits very similar to the one that she’s wearing.

*dramatic sigh*

This could just be what happens when you fall off, but I myself think this is what happens when you mess wit’ the Dream. I mean, look at her w/sexy ass Dre


so he looks high as hell in this pic, but he's still sexy lol

And even when she was with Nick Carey, I mean Cannon


maybe not the best pic coice but they look a helluva lot better than her & the Dream

And now with The Dream?



Has one of my favorite female singers hit rock bottom for messin’ around with one of the most prolific, annoying sounding, could be one of the dopest song writers—if he chose to keep the really good songs that he’s written like “Bed” (Although, to throw in a sidebar: I would not wanna do freaky, nasty things to that song if The Dream was the one who’s face kept poppin’ up in my head) for himself—in the game?

I’m not sure.

Maybe she is just fuckin’ for tracks like most of the people who commented the interview HERE seem to think.

We are in a recession after all.

[Oh, for the curious, I’m not even gonna start on Chris Brown and Rhianna, I have too much to say on that so I’ma let Johnta speak for me.]

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