Thursday, February 19, 2009

So, here’s my question…

So by now, I know that we've all heard about this whole Chris Brown/Rihanna domestic abuse thing. I'm not about to speak on it because for one:
it's none of my damn business what happened or didn't happen between them.
for two:
I can't find it in me to care about someone else's relationship, I have my own to worry about, y'digg me?
for three:
I just all around don't give a damn.
And that’s real.
Anyways, this is my question for whoever happens to stumble across my blog and actually reads it:
Do you think that we would be hearing so much about this if Chris Brown had been…hmm, I don’t know Justin Timberlake? Or any other white celebrity for that matter?
I’m not sayin’ that race is an issue here, just tryin’ to give you a lil somethin’ to think about.

So about yesterday…

This will probably be the first and only time you ever see (or read as the case may be) me do this so cherish the moment.

I apologize for yesterdays blog.

While it made me giggle, I do realize that the way I went about what I did yesterday was wrong and to just post it on the internet where anyone could see it was just flat out rude, that, like the things that I’ve written about my baby Quan’s ex bitch, coulda been kept private lol.

Look, I’m not about to lie, I’m not a fan of Gifted’s music. Never have been and never will be, that’s just a fact of life. But damn, I didn’t have to go in like I did. (and I did go in, it’s a fact, I can’t lie)

And so, I guess what I’m tryin’ to say is:

Gifted, even though I hate almost every song I’ve ever heard of yours, I feel bad for everything I said yesterday.

But don’t expect me to delete the post.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gifted—Destined to be Great My Ass!

It usually takes a lot to make me wanna write something bashing someone but this time?

Eh, not so much.

Earlier today when I was on MySpace to check my messages (sidebar: seriously now, I don’t know how many times that I’ve had to put on my page that I’m not on MySpace lookin’ for a man, a fuck buddy or that I refuse to date local niggas. When will niggas get it? Geez) I saw my ex twin (ugh, super long story, goin’ into it now would not be conducive to this blog so really now, what’s the point?) post a status update that made me sit back and wonder how the hell this shit happened. Well, his status was nothin’ important—I don’t even read them anymore because he posts them so frequently and they all say the same thing—his screen name was:

Brian Oneal-Gifted Featured On




I mean are we forreal? is a credible website that, up until now, used to feature artists with talent, so how the hell did whack ass, lame ass, no talent havin’ GiFTED end up on there?

Before anyone even thinks that I’m just bashin’ this whack muhfucka (because that’s exactly what he is, ain’t no way around that shit) to bash him, that’s not the reason. The reason that I’m sittin’ here talkin’ my shit—yes, I can admit that’s what I’m doin’, why lie?—is not only because I can, but because I can personally attest to the whackness factor of this lame:

I used to “work” for him. I was the longsuffering (don’t know what it means? Look it up) ‘personal assistant’ to his manager, my ex twin who put in so much work for this whack ass nigga (I rewrote his bio and got him over 5,000 new friends on MySpace which subsequently increased his page views and plays) only to receive NO COMPENSATiON WHATSOEVER. No money havin’ nigga, wasted my time talkin’ his shit like “Yeah Ren, we gon’ get paid pretty soon.” Nigga you was a lie because that was way back in October and I ain’t seen shit yet. Yeah, I don’t work for you anymore, but so?

You gon’ pay what you owe nigga!”

[lol, sorry, had to have a Riley moment]

So anyways, here is the interview that he did with complete with my commentary. If you would like to read this bullshit without my commentary then click here

Ever since birth, this man was destined to be great. If you don't believe me, check his biography and you will read just that. Gifted is his name and rhyming and producing is his game. The nineteen year old up-n-coming MC sarcastically claims that he's different and is not normal only because he doesn't fit in, never have and probably never will. Right about now, if you're wondering why, it's because his name Gifted means being different and standing out from the rest. This young man is well on his way to becoming the next big thing in all aspects of entertainment with immediate desires to pursue television and film, aside from music, his ultimate lively hood.

Okay, I’m the one who fuckin’ wrote his biography and I don’t even believe that he’s destined for greatness. Dude is the epitome of a whack MC. His whole style is lame, verses are sooo unoriginal and his flow leaves a lot to be desired. My 8 year old nephew goes harder on the mic than Gifted does and that’s real. Gifted doesn’t fit in, never has and probably never will because even among the whack artists out today (*cough cough* Soulja Boy) he’s not welcome. At least S.Beezy is marketable and could be attractive if you squint hard enough, Gifted looks like the giraffe from the Madagascar movies. What’s his name, Mellman? Once I figured out who it was he reminded me of, I could never watch one of the movies without hearin’ him do one of his irksome ass songs. Oh yeah, and to the author of this piece, here I was thinkin’ that “gifted” meant having great, special talent or ability, not different and/or standing out from the rest. If that’s the definition we’re goin’ by, then dude’s name should be “Oddball” or “Weird Ass Giraffe Lookin’ Nigga”. Maybe that’s just me though. As for him being “ well on his way to becoming the next big thing in all aspects of entertainment with immediate desires to pursue television and film, aside from music, his ultimate lively hood.” if that’s the case, I am hereby foregoing any future trips to the movies or television watching because I refuse to support any industry that would let him be a part of it.

No shame in his game, Gifted informs Yo! Raps that when he first started rapping he wasn't very good, but he never became discouraged. Instead, he wrote better rhymes and eventually perfected his craft, which resulted in having a great vocabulary and the ability to flow over any beat. To gain necessary recognition in the music world, Gifted has been a featured artist on many underground artists and DJ mixtapes, has released a sentimental signature song, Where Ever You Are dedicated to finding that special someone, and is now prepping to release a new album.

No shame in his game? Really? I mean, we actually decided to go there with that one? I’m sorry, but certain outdated phrases (such as that one) should not be used. EVER. There is a reason that it died away like it did, there will be no robbing of the grave to use this one again. Now, Gifted, you have apparently been rapping for many years and I’m sorry to tell you sweetie: you still haven’t perfected your craft. You’re vocabulary is nothing stellar (let’s see those SAT scores, shall we?) and the way you flow over your own beats sucks so believe me when I say you haven’t mastered any ability that you think you may have. And release a new album? When all my friends out in Jersey who have heard of you said your mixtape sucked? Is that really a great idea?

When we asked what's with the delay, he elaborated, "I'm taking a slow process with it, because I want it to be perfect. I'm doing a lot of research on some things that will help with the creative process. No release date is set, but when I drop it, I swear it will change the face of Hip-Hop without a doubt." End of story, we'll stop here, because there's no denying that he's gifted.

I’m asking this: who the hell cares about the delay on his album? As far as I know, the known world is rejoicing because even though it’s on life support, hip hop is still alive as long as we can keep this whack muhfuckas album off the streets. As for changing the face of hip hop? Oh yeah, it most definitely would, no doubt about that one. It would be like givin’ the game a botched Tijuana face lift.

Yo! Raps: Without hesitation, let's get right into it. Your bio states that ever since birth you were destined to be great. We must admit, that's a powerful statement, and if you may, tell us exactly how great.

Gifted: [Laughs] Being gifted means being different, standing out from the rest and I feel as though I'm just that. When you hear my music, or just being around me, you will see that I'm not normal. I don't look at things normally, as crazy as that may sound. When I was younger, I often tried to fit in, but as I grew older I began to notice that I do not. I was told often times by my mother and other family members that I will never fit in, I will always stand out and when you listen to my music you see just that. So me saying that since I was born I was destined to be great, that's just me stating true facts.

No nigga, we already went over the definition of the word “gifted”, that’s not the correct definition dumb ass.When I heard your music—the few times that I could stand to listen to it that is—I just saw that you were a young man who had far too much time on your hands and a few too many people lying to you saying that you actually have talent. When you were younger, you tried to fit in but of course you couldn’t due largely to the fact that you bare an uncanny resemblance to a CGI giraffe. You have apparently gotten used to this as you don’t mind standing out for all the wrong reasons. You saying that you were destined for greatness is wishful thinking on your part. Nothing more, nothing less.

Yo! Raps: We also read that you're the only boy amongst a host of sisters, and that you were brought up in a broken home. However, unlike many others, you never let the minor obstacles take you down the wrong path. We applaud you for that, but how has all this positively contributed to your music, and why?

Gifted:That has helped a lot in my music, because I'm able to reach all different types of audiences. Not every listener can agree with rappers talking about drugs and killing people (even though every rapper who talks about it 9 times out of 10 doesn't live it), but many people can feel what I say. They understand the grind, they understand the hustle even though it may have not been like most.

All I have to say on this part is: Nigga you are full of shit.

Yo! Raps:At the age of six you followed in the footsteps of your father and began drumming. At seven you began to play the piano. Gradually, you became more serious about your music and began performing at functions, spending Sundays playing the drums and the piano for your church. Around age eleven, you went on to make beats on the desks at school and watched your classmates rhyme to them. While growing up performing, when was that moment you said, "I really like this, this is for me, this is what I want to do?"

Gifted: The moment I knew it was for me was when I recorded my very first song and let my friends hear it. I saw their reaction and heard the responses I was getting and then I realized that I may just have a future in this. Recording and performing is like breathing to me. If I wasn't able to do neither one, I feel as though I wouldn't be able to stay sane. I told my mother when I get my first big check, besides buying jewels and a car, I'm investing in a studio and I'm gonna live there.

Gifted, sweetie, are you sure that your friends aren’t your enemies in disguise? I’ve heard your newer songs and since you’ve supposedly gotten better, it makes me wonder just how bad you were in the beginning. BTW, I’m gonna have to ask that you give me the names of these niggas so I know who not to ask to tell me how I look in an outfit or with a new hairstyle. Recording and performing is like breathing to you? Do you walk around with an oxygen mask then? Or perhaps you live inside an iron lung? I’m willing to risk you going insane if you don’t record and/or perform again and dude, really? You’re gonna do the whole new money thing and buy yourself some jewels and a car when you get your first big check? Well, well, well, if that idea isn’t as original as all of your verses. Oh, in case you couldn’t tell, I meant that the idea wasn’t very original at all, do try to keep up.

Yo! Raps:It's told that that when you first started rapping you weren't very good, but you never gave up, you just kept trying. You then came up with different, better rhymes and continued to improve. What was the potion to improving your craft, and how did it constructively help?

Gifted: Rapping isn't something you think about doing overnight, even though most people do. You have to dedicate yourself to doing it. When I was younger, I often read the dictionary before I went to sleep and when I woke up. I would then write a rhyme using those words. I would also turn on the radio and freestyle to whatever song was on. Now years later that has helped a lot. I now have a great vocabulary and I'm able to flow over any beat you give me and I'm still, but even more dedicated than I was then.

And again I say: nigga you are full of shit. From the way you were talkin’ before in your previous non-stellar version of your Bio, it seems like you only decided to start rappin’ because that’s what all your classmates were doin’. Isn’t that sorta-kinda-almost like swag jackin’? Doin’ somethin’ that everyone else is doin’ just to do it? Hmm…methinks it is. Again, the originality factor here is staggering. As for you reading the dictionary before you went to bed, nigga you’z a lie, you stole that shit straight outta Akeelah and the Bee, be forreal. If you had been reading the dictionary nightly before you went to bed, you would be fuckin’ untouchable right now. As it is, I would eat you in a freestyle and I don’t even rap. I can assure you that my vocabulary is waaayyyy better than yours is and always will be. Crack open a Webster’s and get like me.

Yo! Raps:Now, at the young age of nineteen, you not only rap, you also produce many of your own tracks. How different is rapping verses producing, and which of the two gifts are you most intrigued with?

Gifted:I feel as though they are somewhat similar, because rapping you have to be able to be creative and that is the same with producing. With both you start from nothing and then you build on it, but I'm equally intrigued with both, because I love the outcome from both. Hearing the finished product of the beat I created, or seeing someone rap my lyrics from one of my songs, both are a great feeling.

All I have to say is that the only time I could think of that someone would be rapping the lyrics to one of his whack ass songs would be when they're giving an example of what NOT to rap like. I dunno, maybe thats just me.

Yo! Raps: To gain necessary recognition in the music world, you've been a featured artist on many underground artists and DJ mixtapes such as DJ Reef, King Records, 5th Street Fam, and DJ Bigg L. Your mixtape appearances has helped you develop a dedicated fan base in and outside of your home state, New Jersey. How much recognition did you gain as an artist, and did it take your music career to that next desired level?

Gifted:I gained a nice amount of recognition from doing those things, but I gained even more from promoting myself; putting myself out there. Myself and my team I work with are really big on promotion. It really didn't take me to the next level, it basically just put more information on my resume.

See...that's the funny thing about his recognition or lack thereof. Back in October when I started "working" for this lame, I called up my boy Dro who stays out in East Orange if he had ever heard of Gifted and um….he hadn’t. I asked another friend who stayed in another part of Jersey if he had heard of him, same damn thing. So I guess that what I’m tryin’ to say is that apparently his self promotion isn’t workin’ that well.

Yo! Raps: You have well over 250,000 plays of your music, and over 1,000 free downloads of your song, Where Ever You Are on You have also been ranked among the top ten New Jersey artists on MySpace countless times. Congrats, but reading those numbers, are you at all surprised, does it make you fully satisfied, and/or is it a naturally expected result?

Gifted: I'm really not surprised, because myself and my team work hard and so that is just a minor milestone we've reached. I'm not satisfied, but I'm happy about it and we plan on taking them numbers through the roof.

Nigga, it's called an increaser, thats how you got that many plays and it doesn't really count if you sit at home and download your own song over and over again. Sorry to break it to you.

Yo! Raps: What was the initial inspiration behind your signature song, Where Ever You Are? Is it a special dedication to a higher being, an ex-lover, a family member, your money, maybe even your pet(s) [laughs]?

Gifted: [Laughs] Wow, that song had a lot of meaning behind it. I wrote that at a time in my life where I felt as though there wasn't any female out there for me. I was told my expectations were set too high. So when I wrote that I was really just trying to express how I felt about not finding the right female and truth be told, I received a lot of offers after I put that song out [laughs].

Okay, to the author, to his pet? Are we for-fuckin'-real? I mean anyone with ears and a half working brain would just…nah, it ain’t worth it.

Yo! Raps: How far do you think you've come as an artist since your first solo mixtape, The Paper Chase, and why do you think so?

Gifted: I feel as though I have come a long way. I have grown as an artist and also as a man. I've had a lot more experiences in my life that helps me create more music. I feel this way, because if you compare the music from then to my music now you will see the growth and elevation.

You may have come a long way but trust and believe that you have an even farther way to go because if what you have now is elevation and growth, I would hate to see you at your lowest point.

Yo! Raps: Word is that you're now currently promoting your new music, and is scheduled to release an album with no definite release date. How is the promotion coming along, and have you decided on a release date yet? Are there any familiar names on the album?

Gifted: The album is coming! I'm taking a slow process with it, because I want it to be perfect. I'm doing a lot of research on some things that will help with the creative process. No release date is set, but when I drop it, I swear it will change the face of Hip-Hop without a doubt.

You already know where I stand on him changing the face of hip hop, we might as well fly it down to Tijuana right now and ask him to stop threatening the world with an album.

Yo! Raps: So much is up for grabs, but what's your ultimate dream in the Rap game? Do you see yourself doing this for the rest of your life?

Gifted: What makes me different then most rappers in this game is that I'm so versatile. I'm not planning on rapping for the rest of my life. I'm currently producing, and also song writing. I'm writing R&B, Pop, and even Gospel so I feel as though my place in the music industry is somewhat set, but I don't see myself rapping 10 years from now. If I'm rapping 10 years from now it will only be because it's what my fans want.

No sweetie, most rappers claim versatility so I suggest you sit still and think long and hard about the shit that comes out of your mouth for future interviews. You're just fine as a producer, as a matter of fact I like the majority of your beats, but you should chill with working on so many genres of music. You'll just get confused and you're music will get worse than it already is. We can't have that, my ears bleed enough listening to you as it is and I don't have anymore biohazard waste bags for all my bloody Q-Tip's. As for fans, I'm sure that the two you have now will probably just fade away ten years from now. I hope to God you aren't still rapping.

Yo! Raps: Would you ever consider crossing over to Television/Film? If yes, are you prepared for the whole lights-camera-action thang [laughs]?

Gifted: I'm actually in the process of getting in contact with casting directors and film directors, because I'm not gonna limit myself to just music, I'm in the industry to build a legacy and I want to do that in every aspect.

Um...yeah...I think that the only parts a casting director would have for him would be giraffe # 2 in the third Madagascar movie. I'm just sayin'.

And thus ends the interview and along with it, my commentary. Yeah, I’m not gonna front, I recognize that I was on the harsh side of things, I don’t give a fuck. I’m gonna close this one with this, something that he said his own damn self:


Gifteds update

[if you can’t read it, he said “I’m convinced hip-hop is in a state of depression”]

I agree muhfucka and you’re one of the ones keepin’ it like that

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Here I Go Again…

First things first, I don’t really give a fuck about some of the shit that most of the bloggers on here care about. You can subscribe or follow me on here if you want to, if you don’t I promise it wont make or break me. Anyways….
The name is LauRen but please, call me Ren


and welcome to my blog.

I have a long history of blogging on Blogger, been doin’ it since the summer of ‘06 (and what a summer that was, *sigh*)  but due to the demands set upon me as a  (then) soon to be graduating high school senior, my postings became more and more infrequent. When I did get the chance to sit and blog, my posts got to be a little bit…how do you say slightly offensive? So, I scrapped all the old blogs and decided to finally start anew.

I don’t really plan to blog about one specific thing because that’s lame, so if thats what you, whoever you are that managed to stumble across my blog, were looking for, I’m not even gonna lie and say that I’m sorry to disappoint you. This blog will be strictly about the nonsense, bullshit and drama that I find myself being forced to put up with in my life. Maybe more but nothing less than that. So, expect to hear all about my unnecessarily complicated ergo next to nonexistent love life…well, it’s a long story, the sheer annoyance of a typical school day and my classes as a college freshman complete with my commentary on the shit that I find to be important or noteworthy. There will also be frequent appearances by my abnormal friends and subnormal family, one more than the other depending on who annoys me most at whatever point in time.

So…I guess that’s it then.