Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just Call Me Miss F4/30

this is the pic I was tryin’ to post, stupid Windows Live Writer

This is my classic "Hell naw I'm not about to smile for the damn camera"  face btw lol

Shouts to Shamiri for hookin' me up like she did. The next time I need somethin' done to my hair I'm sooo callin her first.

Anyway, I'm workin' on a new blog and I'll post it tomorrow or the day after. It's a preview to the 'mixtape' lol.

*sigh* you do some crazy, unique type shit when your in love, forreal. I have NEVER in my life gone to such great lenghts as these just to show a nigga just how much he means to me. Then again...

Never in my life have I met a man like him.

Damn him to hell for bein' so unique.


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