Saturday, May 2, 2009

"It ain't safe out here...gangsta homo thugs be stagin' shoe attacks"

You know somethin'?
I think that while avoiding talking about the whole me and E/Q/Quan thing--whatever it is that I called him on this particular blog--I may have gone ever so slightly insane. Just a lil bit, a smidgen really, nothin' to be too alarmed over. If I wanted to get all aspiring psychologist on you, I would go and self-diagnose myself but come on now, wheres the fun in that? I'd much rather leave you all guessing if it's the same to you.
Anyways, while I've been avoiding bringing up the whole E/Q/Quan thing, I've recently become addicted to shooting random vids of myself "talkin' my nonsense" as the bestie likes to say. If you saw the last one, my "" vid, then you've had a glimpse at the six or so vids that I have in various stages of the editing process on my laptop and just what happens to me when I get bored.
Earlier today, I was thinkin' about what my mom said to me about the fact that I put my face out there with my video, and what my sis. Ashley said to me last night after she saw the vid...
A gay thug attack was imminent.
With visions of a group of young men dressed from head to go in 'thug gear' (Timberland boots, New Era fitted caps, jerseys and Evisu jeans) and me lying on a stretcher in an ambulance telling a baffled EMT that "it ain't safe out here...gangsta homo thugs be stagin' shoe attacks out in these streets", I decided to shoot the following vid.