Friday, March 27, 2009

Your fucked up ass day is making me smile. Is that wrong?

Oh man, I love the internet. You find such great sites like my new favorite Fmylife, the discovery of which I have to credit to my girlie Alissa. I’ve been on here for the last couple of hours laughing my ass of at some of the things I’ve found on there and shaking my head at others. These are some of my favs so far.

[btw, don’t forget to hover over the pix for my commentary lol]


lmfao, come one now, tell me that isn't funny???  

the first thing iWould do if iWas her would be to get a makeover once the divorce was complete

Okay, they shouldn't have been playin' on the phone like that, what are they, 6? But damn...thats fucked up, iGotta admit

Um...isn't a GOOD thing that she isn't a suspect anymore??

...How do you get OWNED by a BABY??? Yes, iFully agree. Your life has been fucked lol

See...iCan't even speak on the fucked upedness [iKno, it's not a word, bite me] of that. Poor girl, iFeel for her

iWish a 7 year old would tell me to man up, but gotdamn if that is not some funny shit in this particular situation lol

First is it not enough that this poor girls parents weren't very original in naming their offspring but then her sister had to go and fuck her man too? Gotdamn, iWonder if Cecile knew Celine was dating the asshole or not. Hmm...probably

look, iGo to a community college, iKno just how hard it is to get into. Gotdamn lmao, her dad didn't have to say that tho haha

Okay...Mz. Ren doesn't even have words for this one, so you know how fucked up iFind this to be

WHO MASTURBATES INTO A SOCK???? Did he just loose his virginity to a spider? lmao

The fucked up things that people post on the internet lol.

Admit it, you giggled at most of those.

Didn’t you?


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