Monday, March 9, 2009

Didn't Wanna Have to Do it But I Did it Anyway

*Big dramatic sigh*

Once I had posted my one blog about Gifted bashing his nonexistent skills as a rapper and my retraction soon after, I thought that would be the last time that I would waste my time, energy and wit on Marquis “Gifted” Hall. However, after certain, documented, events, I’ve changed my mind.

Now Gifted, sweetie, buddy ol’ pal ol’ friend of mine, by no means am I sittin’ here, hatin’ on you. No, I got the majority of the hate out of my system when I posted that first blog. What I’m sayin’ here is just in hopes that you’ll soon realize that you aren’t as great…as Gifted as you think you are. I’m saying this as a music lover, critic and one slightly pissed off individual who still hasn’t received any payment for services rendered.

Earlier today, I was chillin’ on MySpace, tryin’ to keep myself from writing a certain ex bitch—I’m gonna hold my proverbial tongue and still my literal fingers because if I write about her here and now, I will go off on a tangent and that’s not what I want right now—when I went to go update my status. After telling the people that actually take the time to read status messages

can you tell iWas hella annoyed?

I refreshed the page and saw

if you would like to visit his page, his URL is

First of all, I was under the impression that no one gave a flying fuck about his apparent absence from MySpace.

Second of all, for those of you unfamiliar with the MySpace lingo, a power whore is essentially a train that you join to get friends. By Mz. Ren’s way of thinking, shouldn’t an artist have people that want to add them because of the quality of their music and not just because they’re trying to increase their friend count?

Thirdly, the same thing goes for showin’ love to someone’s page, you shouldn’t have to request it, you should just get it. I do and frequently at that, but we ain’t talkin’ about me right now.

Because I was in a very bad mood with the whole Ex Bitch situation, I decided to take a few screenshots of his page to show that he was full of shit and that he really isn’t as amazing as he thinks he is.

Screenshot # 1

It was mentioned that in his interview with (I’m still shaking my head at them for even stooping as low as to feature him in their Next to Blow section) that he had over 250,000 plays of his music. That information ladies and gentlemen is patently false. Don’t believe me? Take a peep at the pic below.


so much for over 250,000 plays, right? I'm not even gonna speak on how they look all types of homo in this pic either lmao

So…we were off by what…at least 243,288?

Screenshot # 2

The way he was talkin’ in his interview, one would think that he had legions of fans. If his friend count on MySpace is anything to judge by, that is also incorrect.


and yes, that is, as of whatever time I took the screen shot this morning, his correct friend count, iDon't have any reason to go and change it for the purposes of this blog.

In reference…

here’s my friend count


in case you can't see it, that's 7,885 friends. I don't do stupid PWZ (Power whorez) because I don't have time for them && iDon't even use adding sites anymore because iRefuse to waste my life trying to acquire MySpace fame. FaceBook is where it's at nowadays anyways lol

See also

here’s my view count as compared to his


Kinda sexy, right? lol

I’m not braggin’, I’m just sayin’.

In closing…

there are—or is that is?—many a smart assed thing that I can say about Gifted, but really? I don’t have the time to sit here and write about him anymore, so I’ll leave you all with this…

iRemoved my gurlies screen name on the off chance that Gifted may want to start a beef (which would be a big mistake on his part) or in case some freak job tries to hit her up on AiM

[See? I’m not the only one who thinks this way lol. But, to be fair, she could just be saying this because we’re really cool with each other and she doesn’t wanna offend me or anything like that.]

And this…


Separated at birth?


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