Monday, March 30, 2009

His Response…

So after I post the letter that I sent to Quan on here, he decided to not just read the messages I sent to him on MySpace, but he decided to respond as well. While I was reading his message, he added a comment to the blog and this is what it said.
[I woulda used a screenshot but eh, I don't wanna right now lol, plus, this is easier to read]

That was sweet and really special to me Ren. I’ve never had anyone feel that way about me before and it makes me wonder…will I be enough for you? I look at you and see so much more than a pretty face and a body that I would do so many sinful things to (lol). I see a woman with the potential to make a hell of an impact on the world and someone that’s already made an impact on me. I don’t usually become intrigued with peoples style, commitment and total being that much if I ever do to tell you the truth but with you…it’s different. There is somethin’ about you that makes me doubt myself and I’ve never done that until I read your thoughts. I know that I can love you more than anyone has but I keep asking myself if that’ll be enough. I don’t know, but I wanna find out! I’m doing everything in my power to make you as happy as you make me, but I also don’t wanna rush anything. Yes, we’ve known each other for a while now, but I still wanna know you in and out so I can make sure that this works…I’ve had relationships that didn’t work out due to negligence on my part and I’ll be damned if I go down that same road with you. I love you too much to hurt you and I may have a weird way of actually showing you that sometimes but because of my past…I’m very cautious about just throwing my heart out there again before I know without a shadow of a doubt that I’m ready. There’s just too much at stake on both of our parts baby. But never doubt that you are a queen to me and I wanna make sure I make you feel like the queen that you are.

This is the first time that he's ever wondered if he would be enough for me and the fact that he's questioning himself is proof that I'm not the only one who's scared. I don't want him to doubt himself though...
But I'm starting to realize something.
He and I are more alike than I first thought, so how do I tell him that he doesn't have to be cautious with me? That I would never do anything to hurt him? And why is it that I suddenly find myself in the same position that he's been in because of me?

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