Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You Minus Me? That Equals Better Math


What it be like erryone? How art thou lives on this cold ass November day? Oh, they’re good? Don’t you feel special, loved and tickled pink all at the same gotdang time?

Oh, things are going bad for you? Well you know what? Suck it the eff up. I’m still on my “don’t nobody bring me no bad news kick because I’ve got shxt to do and don’t feel like seein’ the inside of a jail cell, so, if you have a problem and insist on tryin’ to bring me into it when I’m having a goodish day and haven’t thought about choking someone in more than an hour, this is what Ren says to you

I was bored, made it on PhotoFiltre out of said boredom

You see, LauRen/Ren—*sigh* someone was asking me about the difference between Ren and LauRen earlier today. One of these days I shall discuss the “difference” between the two, I’m tired of answerin’ these Gonzo (nosy) fools questions about me. Fxckers.—honestly hath no more time for the bullshxt.

So yeah, that’s it for me this time boys, girls and all those in between and on the outskirts of each. I’ve got a dinner for to cook for my family and I, so I shall throw on these tracks of the day and go wonder if the person I’m not so low key flirting with is gonna call while I slave over a hot stove or at all. When I asked if he was gonna call he said he would but shxt, I’ve told niggas the same thing. Just did it last night. Then I did it earlier today. Then there was that guy who called when I was on the phone wit’ Miss Maria…


Anywho, I’m on my R&B shxt today.

First up, we have “Take Care” by Marsha Ambrosius formerly of Floetry.

Next, we have “Sex For Yo’ Stereo” by Trey Songz 

And last, but certainly not least, we have “Suffocated” by Bryan Ellis

Speaking of Mr. Ellis, someone out there has to have the download link for his song “Cry Now I can’t find it anywhere and none of my connects—who claim to have everything *side eye*—can find it for me. So, if you have it or know of someone who has it, send it to me please and I will love you forever and three days. Or until you do somethin’ to piss me off. Send the track to LauRenxExCarter@gmail.com if you can find it please and thank you oh so very much.

Well, that’s it for now. Wonder if mister man person dude is gonna call or not…

I’m out.

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