Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Power of Christ Repels Thee and So Do I

Hey folks. How are my favorite Saturday Night Sinners and Sunday Morning Saints? How art all of thou regardless of your saved, sanctified and Holy Ghost filled status? Hope your all enjoying this day that the Lord hath made and are indeed rejoicing in it.

How am I?

On this, the first of my twenty-three day quest for love…I’m just alright. Tryin’ to motivate myself to continue on this self imposed journey knowin’ good and gotdamn well that that there’s a possibility that shxt won’t change…


Other than that, ya girl just fought and won her battle with the Itis. The fam and I went to Red Lobster after church and I got so stuffed from the biscuits, my salad and Coke that I ate only half of my baked potato and three of my—itty effin’ bitty—chicken strips and only a little bit of the chocolate chip lava cookie thing that we as a table split for dessert. So stuffed in fact,  I inadvertently left the remainder of my food which our waitress Trisha/Trista/Something that starts with T and might just end in A, was kind enough to box up for me. Not that I couldn’t do it myself, in fact, twas my intention to do so, but I mean, she had to work for the $10 tip that she got.


I wasn’t about to stop her.

Now, Mom and I were stuffed like that big girl you saw dressed up like a slutty nurse who’s costume was made out of cotton but was stretched so damn far that it looked like a Lycra-Spandex-Poly-blend at the second Halloween party you went to last night. Boogie on the other hand was not. She ate three biscuits, had three glasses of pink lemonade and no less than four orders of shrimp scampi. Oh, I almost forgot the order of fried shrimp that she had with her initial bottomless order of shrimp.

If her mentally fat ass doesn’t slow down, she’ll be a literal fat ass. Boogie is short. That would not be a good look for her life. She’s gonna look like my dad’s shxt the bxtch looks like a boy girlfriend Martin Mary and as I said, that would not be a good look for her life.

El Jefe—that’s what the little sis and I call her behind her broad back. No clue what the older siblings call her as we hardly ever see each other *sad face* Hopefully it’s something just as rude or even more so—is built like a linebacker, mixed with a fullback and moose hybrid cross thang. She also looks like her face was assaulted by a bunch of Mexican Jumping Beans wit’ shanks, battery acid and a big ol’ bag of hell da fxck naw. But we aren’t talkin’ about her or her beyond ugly mug right now or ever. I might get nightmares.

Hmm…so, what else can I ramble on about until I get bored and do something random like go sit on my roof and stargaze while talking to one of my jump-offs [I call ‘em like I see ‘em. I don’t love these ho’s, shxt.]?

Ugh, I got nothing. So before I pick up my phone and dial Jump Off number two, let me post my tracks of the day. Yes, I know that the tag says “Track of the Day” but guess what? The singularity of the tag means next to nothin’ to Ren. The music that I pick out is cooler, doper—and you know how I hate that word and forms thereof, more deserving and lets not forget more awesome than the shxt that some of y’all listen to anyway. Don’t ever say that I did nothin’ for ya…or Him.


The first track of the day is a joint effort by two of my favorite up-and-comers—yung. The freaky, nasty and down right disgusting places that someone with a mind like mine could take that phrase. Good thing that I’m above that tonight. Or am I?—Nero and QuESt and it’s a remix to Kid Cudi’s “Sky Might Fall”.

Next up, it’s the kid Nero with

“I Get Lyrical”


off of his Alive and Vibrant Mixtape presented by the illRoots crew. Listening to him rhyme over the “I Get Physical” beat, it’s kinda hard to remember that son is only 16 years old.

And to round out this post, I give to you QuESt’s “Forever” featuring Outasight

off of the Broken Headphones Mixtape, presented by illRoots, 2dopeboyz and HipHopDX

Look. I know y’all see my links on the reggy. Click them. Especially when it’s in regards to the music I put on here. If you love lyricism and good music in general I promise that you wont be disappointed in my selections.

Would I steer you wrong?

…if you answered yes, simply put, you suck.


bfears said...

oh wow! i love QuEsT. broken headphones was thee shyt!

LauRen "RENegade" Elizabeth said...

iKno, iSaw ur name on the post at 2Dopeboyz for the remastered version of it iThink && iKno ryte? I've listened to it at least once a week since iDownloaded it lol