Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We Gon’ Be Beefin’ Like Gucci Mane and Carmex

What it is, what it look like and all that ish. How be all ye knaves on this splendiferously frickin’ awesomely fantastical day. How art all ye visitors to the Effin’ Fantaboulous Realm of Ren? Enjoying your stay and the mints on your pillows?

On this day, the ruler of this realm is straight siced with the way that things are going right now. Well, with the way that things are going today, not right now. Right now, shxt is…ugh. If you’ve read any of my 23DFL entries, you know why my mood has been ugh as of late. Shxt is hard y’all. You try makin’ yourself vulnerable where anyone in the world can see not knowing if the one person that it’s for will even take the time out to read.


But at least I’m trying right? If nothing else, I can say that. However, I’m not the one to be satisfied wit’ if nothing else”. Never have been nor will II ever be that one, so this is what I’m tryin’ to live right now

I'm acting on it. I'm dreaming on it. I'm planning on it...but believing it is hard, but I'm tryin'

Anyway, my mood for the day is effin’ fantastical! I had a meeting earlier about some projects with some people—I know that I’m being vague. know why? It’s fun and easy to do, beside that, I don’t wanna jinx this—and things are lookin’ pretty gotdang good for myself and Miss Jordyn Donyelle Smith. Feel free to familiarize thineselves with that name by the way. If all goes well, you’ll be seeing it one day in the (near and hopefully immediate) future.

Let’s get into this one, shall we?

I may joke and I may complain about him, but I love my Lil Bro Eric. As in a lot. Why? Um…

Cuz he is evidently better than these dork ass niggas bout to make him go ham on these pork ass niggas

Sure, he gets on my nerves but I get on his too so all is well and good. And yeah, he tried to cock block in an oh so major way a couple of months back, but that’s alright, that’s okay. I could’ve just as easily done the same for him on multiple occasions, but I’m a good big sis and I’m waiting for the right moment for to do mine blocking of cock. And since I went all rah-rah, sis-boom-bah on that ass and brought up a Bring it On reference I mean what I say. I don’t play when it comes to the movie that spawned the most annoying and stereotypical cheerleading franchise in the world. Eff whatcha thought.


Real shxt tho, this is my duder and I’ve got mucho amor y respecto por [o “para”?] el y su vida.

Lil one is pretty much awesome. He steers me clear of the typical D.C. niggas which is great. I don’t get involved wit’ typical niggas from any state, city, principality, province, town, hamlet, village, country, etc. etc. It’s just too bad that this is how our conversations regarding them go

iTook his s/n out, some of y'all that visit may be the type to stalk a nigga on AIM. Anywho, I have a newly found appreciation for dread-heads. Somethin' is just insanely sexy about that shxt. *shrugs* Judge me not

Dude that we’re talkin’ about is sexy as shxt too. *sigh* oh well.

Eric is also my fav (but definitely not only) DMV connect and he laces me wit’ good music on a regular basis. He’s the one that turned me on to Hassani Kwess and Darren Hanible which I in turn turned y’all onto so, it’s only right that I use my [not so] considerable influence in the blogosphere to turn y’all onto Lega-c [who shall always and forever be lil one to me].

On Friday, November 13th, Lega-c will be releasing his debut mixtape

The SmarTrip Chronicles

Which is—and y’all know how much I hate this word—dope. I’m not just sayin’ it because he’s my lil bro either,

I’m not that girl.

If the shxt was whack, I’d let it be known that it was whack and I wouldn’t put it anywhere on my blog, my computer or my mp3 player(s). But, I have the exclusive [unfinished due to the loafage of one of the track contributors] release of TSC on both of my media devices, in my backup/portable hard-drive and on the desktop of my laptop. If I used the desktop computer enough to care about it, it’d be there too. It’s that deep y’all.

Peep the album art below



Say it wit’ me now


I’ll be doing my review after I get the finished product. Ill ProPhet was just recently added as the feature artist on “LayOver” and I’ve yet to hear it. Speaking of lil one and Illy, let me get into these tracks of the day.

First up, we have one from the father of my imaginary children and the man who has my virginal hymen on lock—no joke, he said that shxt, peep it for yourself—Ill ProPhet

“Discordium 416”

Now, I would love to throw my favorite track from TSC “Typical” on here for y’all to vibe to, I really would. In fact, I have lil one’s permission to do so. You should know by now how much I love to screen cap shxt and I would do that right now if I could, however, I can’t find the right chat transcript that it’s in and I don’t feel like searchin’ since I have ish to do, so I’ll just throw on the following tracks:

“PoLyrically Correct” by Lega-c and Ill ProPhet

and finally “Kill Dat Noise” from Lega-c and Magnum Dollar$

For more on Lega-c, The SmarTrip Chronicles and DMV music, be sure to visit my sis and site affiliate DMVixen 

I’m out. As Illy says:


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