Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day Five: No Strings Attached


Fuck an intro. I tried to write one but the words wouldn’t come out the right way and there isn’t enough time to worry about silly shxt like that. I’m doin’ somethin’ different this time. Let’s get into it.

Ya know; I could see that the situation wasn’t easy on you. Despite the somewhat resigned way you spoke about it, I could see that you weren’t exactly thrilled with the way things were going. You told me as much at any rate. I know why you did the things that you did too; I understood the situation. I didn’t like it but yes, I understood it.

You didn’t need to put yourself through that though.

You know just as well as I do that the good guys and girls are the ones that are most likely to get burned in their relationships. It’s shitty, it’s not fair, but it’s the truth as we’ve both seen and it’s a lesson that we’ve both had to learn repeatedly. But you see with me? You wouldn’t have had to put up with all that. Because me? I wouldn’t have hurt you on purpose, and if and when I hurt you—because I know that I did, but, not to excuse myself or what happened, I was hurting too—I would do anything in my power to make that right. I did everything that I could to make that right. But now isn’t the time for that particular discussion.

You told me once that you were scared and that you wanted to make sure things went the right way between us. I could see that…fear without you even telling me. But you weren’t the only one afraid.

All of the hurt and pain that I’ve gone through in my past relationships? They made me into that scared girl who was hiding behind her old hurts when we first met. But then you came along and there was just somethin’ about you that…I don’t even know. For the first time, I was able to look beyond myself and because of that, I was able to see what it is that you needed.

Someone that would be there for you whenever you needed or wanted them. Someone who would see you as the king that you are and not try to play you for a fool. Someone who would never intentionally hurt you. Someone who genuinely cares about you. Someone that would give you the love that you dreamt of, the love that you truly deserve without asking for anything from you in return.

So, I gave you my heart, no strings attached in hopes that the chance we were taking would make a positive impact on your life and mine.

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LyricalLala7 said...

I can totally relate to this... and you know whats funny? I had just wrote this same thing in different words last night... crazy huh?