Monday, October 26, 2009

My Brain is Leaking Out of My Mouth and it Tastes Like Knowledge

Hey, hey, hey humans, how’s it hangin’?

Besides bein’ dope for the alliterative skills that I just allowed y’all to get a glimpse of, I’m pretty chill right now. Bored outta my mind sittin’ in Positive Psychology tryin’ not to dose off, but chill nonetheless.

I forgot to bring it up in my last post but if you’re lurker  regular to the blog you’ll notice the new look and feel of my ish. Ya like it right? Yeah, I know, it’s sexy right? Kinda like the blog owner…eff it. Just like the blog owner and liver of this (Infamous) Life.

lol, let me stop bein’ cocky.

But yeah, enjoy the new template and it’s new features. Interact wit’ the kid by using the tab over to the left of the screen that says “tweets”. Of course; you have to be on Twitter to do so but uh…who isn’t these days? If memory serves me correctly, even my 76 year old Nana is on Twitter so…yerp. If you haven’t done so already, feel free to head over to the “Don’t be shy, I don’t bite” icon and click each of the three icons to visit, follow and request me on the various social networks that I frequent. Well, that I belong to. I don’t frequent MySpace anymore. Nobody does.

Sorry Tom.

The new look of the blog is just the beginning of the newness that y’all can expect from ya girl. There will be more blogs and hopefully when I get ish in my life settled down you’ll get an (almost) daily dose of infamy. You can also expect to see more entries like my "I Am…LauRen Elizabeth”  and “To the one who may get away” posts. In fact, you’ll see a lot of the latter next month…The first 23 days of November are gonna be…


we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it though.

There will also be more music and since I’m on the subject, let me throw on my

Track of the Day

then get ready to dip up outta this class because that heffa wit’ the facemask is coughing up her lower intestine and I have a very strong suspicion that her ass is the main reason I was sick last week.

The track is called
You May Never Know”

And I’m pretty sure that it’s a demo for a female artist but it was written and performed by (my industry husband) Johnta Austin.

*sigh* Still, he may never know...♥

Listen to the lyrics and feel free to download



I showed the post title to my little sister not too long ago and she looked at me with her evil little eyebrows and as I write this now she’s behind me lookin’ all menacing and ish. She’s dang near drippin’ her mint ice cream down the back of my neck right now because she wants me to make sure that I give her credit for the post title. Evil little self said that she was gonna sue me if I didn’t

*rolls eyes*

So there you go, this post title is the doing of my little sister. To see her in those good ol’ days back before she could talk, check this out

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