Sunday, August 16, 2009

The 20th Anniversary of the Best Day EVER [Complete w/Pix]


I will be twenty this Wednesday. Twenty. For those of you not in the know, that is a 2 and a 0 put together.

It just seems so…old. So…ancient.

*sad face*

So, as a treat, I shall give those of you who manage to stumble across my (infamous) life and times a glimpse at Ren throughout the years. Just remember, I grew up in the 90’s. That’s the only excuse I have for the fashion. It’s either blame it on the time period or my momma didn’t really love me and wanted for to embarrass me later on in mine life. *side eye from the pits of hell to mi madre*

So, I don’t have any baby baby pix on my lappy, but this is what I have, I shall try to post these in chronological order to the best of mine abilities.

[click the pix to see the full-sized]


Based on the backdrop—that every photographer and their mommas man on the side had—it was Christmas. This had to be about…oh, 1991 so I was 2-ish. Me and the cousins Ricky and Shanique were dressed oh so very lovingly by our parents and/or Nana. I mean look at me, I was killin’ ‘em in my extra baggy purple turtle neck sweater.

Me, Ricky and Shanique again, this time I’m holding their little brother Jeno. Had to be summer of 1992-93 so I was between the ages of 2 and 4.



Summer 93 I believe so I was 3 or 4. Thank God that I grew into that fore—*cough* five *cough*—head that my parents bestowed upon me. Why did my mother not realize the importance of bangs?

Before anyone asks, no, I don’t know why the outfit I was wearing was made out of the fabric that covered their grandmothers plastic covered couch. My mom and I are gonna have a SERiOUS conversation about these outfits.

Spring 1994.


The back of this particular picture said that Boogie was 6 months old, so seeing as she came and ruined mine life—I joke, sheesh—in October of 95, this is April 96. Easter. Just another excuse for parents to dress their children in completely embarrassing ways and parade them around like this is cute. The hat that I’m wearin’?

Yeah, that ain’t it.

Summer of 96. Why Boogie and I look like botany projects gone awry I don’t know. The expression on her her face deffy mirrors mine right about now.

Winter 96.

I had hair like the Grinch.

Proof that my mother hated me.

So, after 1996, I entered a phase in my life where I didn’t like to take pictures and those that were taken shall NEVER see the light of day. EVER. Those were hella embarrassing. Definitely not ballin’.

*shakes head*


So, I’m gonna leave you with some of my most recent pix then close my lappy cuz I have things to do and places to be.


Summer/Autumn 07. I had just recently graduated out of High School Hell and I started to come into my own. Now…I’m not entirely sure why my eyes or closed. I don’t exactly care either. I’m schmexxy in this pic if I do say so myself.


Summer 09.


My last year as a teenager…


Eric said...

loser :p

-_- you should know who this is said...

Yea so.. ur old as hell.
and You needa juhs qo qet cha walker.
go eat.. i mean DRINK applejuice.. and hmm... collect stamps or something.
yea. get a hobby.
old ass. lmaoo

LauRen said...

Yeah,iKno who that was and guess what. You're an ass sir. We gon' fight because I will NEVER collect stamps. Hater. UGH Ash!
I'm gon' kick you out the family lol