Sunday, October 25, 2009

Eff You See Kay Why Oh You Tee Oh Oh


I am not in a good mood right now.

But before we get into all of that,guess what? It’s random picture of Ren time! You don’t like it? Tough titty said the kitty and I’ll have to say after while crocodile as I insist that you Alt+F4 off of my ish right…now.

Eh, not the baddest, the finest nor the flyest but iCan hold my own right? Well...iCertainly look better than SOME of y'all *side eye and smile* (= lol. iJoke. Damn. In cae you were wondering, I did the pic on PhotoFiltre and Gimp

Now that that’s out the way, what it is princes, paupers, common folk and all those sleeping on their moms couch? How art thou on what’s a cold, rainy day here in the cap city of that bustling industrious center of a state Michigan?

Ah, picked up on the sarcasm did you? Good, here’s a cookie and a gold star…not.

As I said, I am not in the mood. You see, I’ve got chills and yes, they’re multiplyin’ [I just told you about it…stud] and while I’m pretty sure the power you’re supplyin’ isn’t anything near electrifying, I’ve got a fever of 101.5 right now. Add that to the fact that the sound of the rain against my window pane is quickly driving me insane as I lay here in bed, it’s safe to say that Ren is not a happy camper. Think Camp Granada unhappy camper and I don’t feel like linkin’ y’all to it so if you don’t know what I mean, I suggest that you Google it.

Anyway, I’m lettin’ my not in the moodness—it wasn’t a word but it is now—fuel the fires of mine imagination as I get into this one.

I do things just because I can do them as do a ot of y'all busters, don't give me that holier than thou ish, I'm honest enough to admit it. Thank you kindly

And that whole not caring about if it’s reckless or not thing? Yeah, that’s real. I honestly don’t give a gotdamn, a fanga in the middle, a stick of celery or a jar of Ampro Styling Gel—Berry Ice cuz that’s how I roll—if going in in the fashion in which I’m about to go in is reckless or not.

Who gon’ check me boo?

*crickets sound as a tumbleweed rolls across your screen*
Yerp, that’s what I thought; nobody and if there was someone brave enough to try to check me it deffy ain’t you and not this fool either.

So, if you’re a reader, a lurker or follower of mine (Infamous) Life and Times, you may remember a few posts back when I posted "If Ignorance is Bliss; You Must Be the Happiest Person I Know". If you’re none of the above or didn’t happen to see the blog, look, I linked it for ya so you have no excuse for not reading it now. Busters. Anywho, I posted the comment that I left on my big bro Torkalina the Rebelina’s  blog where I pretty effectively summed up the situation and responded to this whack ass dis track

Yeah, I know. He totally bodied the track and made Tork and the rest of The Rebels wanna give up rap and stick to their respective day jobs right?


Yeah…no. Deffy didn’t.

Like I said last time, Dee Woodz took it upon himself to respond and show Senor Sanrio how a proper dis track is supposed to sound

This is what he lyrically did to Senor Don Gato


...gotta love Mad Men

Now, had Mister Kitty even a modicum of common sense about himself, he would’ve given up an let that be the end of things, but alas, that’s not the case. If it was, I wouldn’t be sitting here talkin’ about him now would I?

After taking some time to lick his wounds, HK “fired back”—*side eye*—by posting this to his blog:

Sorry, for the late post on the music people....I had other projects to do. But here yall go, some new ish in response to Dee Woodz diss to me....My question is when is Torkatonka gonna respond back??? I thought son was a rapper???? No better yet I thought he was A REBEL, lol.

and posted an “Ether” dis…

But this nigga fxcked up and called the shxt Either”

*rolls eyes*

A few things…

1) Both Nas and Ron Brownz should slap the shit out of you for talking shit over such an iconic beat. When you use “Ether”, you’re supposed to body the track, not sit there and be what you think is funny and/or witty by making stupid comparisons. Torkaveli may sound like Machiavelli and Magnum Dollars may be equated to Reed Dollaz in your poor dazed and oh so very confused mind but let’s take a look at your name shall we? It’s an amalgam—which when used in this context is a mixture in case you weren’t in the know—of famous rappers names isn’t it Shawnjay?

2) Regardless of you and your quote unquote high ego dude, you’re obviously offended so don’t try to front and act like you aren’t. If you weren’t offended, you wouldn’t keep comin’ out wit’ dis after dis now would you?

3) DMV Rebel? Hmm…Hell no”

He said it. Not me.


4) I see where he was tryin’ to go wit’ his wrestling and MMA references; however, let’s not forget that it does’t take much to knock out Kimbo Slice. And lyrically son? Yeah, you don’t bring much to the table so I’ma have to ask that you let that marinate in your spirit for the next time. But um…let Mag ad-lib on a track and he’s Seth Petruzelli’d you

5) How the hell do you hawk an effeminate sounding loughie?

6) Why is it a problem that his voice has too much bass? And I’m pretty sure that he’d rather sound like Serius Jones than you.

7) The track is 2:20. He “rapped” for about 45 seconds. Um…step ya bars up.

8) The Rebels didn’t ask for him to dis them. Then again, this isn’t a dis.

I’m done.

Hmmm; I wonder:

What do you think the odds of him comin’ at me sideways are if he happens to see this?

What do you think the odds of me not givin’ a fxck and responding in turn are?

It’s pretty much a sure bet right?


Forgive me; I’m just talkin’ my shxt again.




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