Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Feel…”Ranty” Today. Deal Wit’ It. Bxtches

Man…Twitter is the shxt!
I meet some of the coolest, most almost as awesome as me people ever on there.
How ya doin’ reader, lurkers, stalkers and people that report what you read on my blog to the fam tryin’ to snitch me out like I’m 16 fxckin’ years old again? How art thou respective lives?
As of now I’m pretty good. Laid back on the couch, watchin’ Phineas and Ferb—hate not—and thinkin’ up a master plan…and the end to the paper that I have to write for Cultural Anthropology. So, while I’m gathering my thoughts on Language and if it’s accurate to say that it’s a distinguishing feature of humans, I’m gonna post a note that my gurlie Zuri tagged me in on FaceBook.
[I added the badge for a reason. Request me]
Y’all don’t leave me comments but I wonder if you’ll leave some after you read what Zuri has to say.
Let’s get into it.
BTW: I’m the one emphasizing ish w/the bold italicized text. Not Zuri lol.

Why are men the most complicated, confused creatures on the planet?
Is that why God made them first?
Did he know that it would be the most extraordinarily difficult thing he ever did, so he just wanted to knock them off before he did anything else?
Or did it really take him 6 days to make them and he was just faking the funk saying he was making plants and heavens and land?
You know, creating the AMBIANCE. Bull-ish! He was thinking, “What in the Heavens hast thou created!” No wonder he had to retire on the 7th day! Homeboy was tired! Well so am I! FedUp is more like it.
Why do men think they can do whatever the hell they want, to whatever the hell they feel like it and believe woman should just deal with it? Did the airing of “Coming to America” allow more men to adopt the notion that women should respond to any question as “Whatever you like my King. Ever since the day I was born I was trained to serve you!” Well you can put that lump of bullshit back on Sally’s hide and she can ride Sally ride back home to Zamunda.
Why is it that we have to deal with sanguinal horror and uterine contractions every month, but THEY are the one’s PMS’in? What gives them the right to have attitude or mood swings? They get to squirt their X and Y’s up our birth canal, while we get to throw up, get fat and file for child support? We get stuck, while they keep it moving.
deep breathes .... deep breathes
We call…they have attitude. We say eff it…dont call…you call…”Why I aint heard from you?”
Why haven’t you heard from us? See what exactly does that mean? When we made ourselves heard, they weren’t trying to hear ish that we were saying! So instead of them HEARING US, we decided to make you LISTEN! The only way they LISTEN, is when they hear SILENCE.
Silence is GOLDEN!
So when they dont hear sh*t, then they start wondering who we could be talking to. Well, if they would have checked, we was in the same place, same time, not saying sh*t, waiting to be heard. The only way to be heard is to make them listen to us not say shit!
Yall HEAR what we saying?
So when they get out of line, just dont say anything. Because as soon as they dont hear you they gonna wonder who you are talking to and no they wont call, they will be right at your door sniffin, lookin all crazy and acting a got damn fool.
Zuri =)

Oh yes. She took it there. Whatchu gon’ do about?

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zuriVuitton said...

Yes ma'am !!! These dudes better get in check ..