Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Now Usually I Don’t Do This But Um

*aggravated and super annoyed sigh as I grit my teeth and write*
This is not something that I do on the reggy and the chances of me doing so again are slim to helldafxcknaw so please, relish this moment as it may not happen again in your lifetime. Without further ado:
If I have ever offended you, on purpose or otherwise, made you mad—again, on purpose or otherwise—or done something to make you feel as though I was attacking you—once more, on purpose or otherwise—this is my apology.

I act as though I don’t give a fxck about people or their feelings—and on some level I don’t. Just because I apologized doesn’t mean that I’m gon’ lie to y’all—but I honestly do. Ask anyone who really knows Ren; I care about people.

A lot.

So, here it is. My blanket apology.
I can guarandamntee that I’ll do something to piss you off—I’m Ren. It’s part of my charm—but when I do, just refer back to this.

Unless it’s necessary, I won’t be doin’ this ish again. Lucky that y’all got this.


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