Monday, October 19, 2009

On This Day I Become Legendary…

*happy sigh*

What the eff is up first time visitors and long time lurkers of mine (infamous) life and times? How be thee knaves, princes, paupers and all around common folk? If you couldn’t tell or were to….

What’s the nice word for “stupid that I’m lookin’ for? Dense? Yeah, that’ll work.

If you were too dense to pick up on it, Ren is currently in a great mood.

Yeah, sure I’m sitting in Positive Psychology cold as hell because some genius that works for the school decided that it would be a brilliant idea to turn the air conditioning on knowing good and gotdamn well that we live in Michigan and having the air on after August can result in death. And yeah, alright, that loud ass female who I can’t stand showed up to class in a face mask and I’ve been throwin’ medicated side-eyes at her hopin’ and prayin’ that she doesn’t have the swine flu cuz I don’t wanna come down wit’ a case of the oinks. And yes, I decided to wear my hair like this


LaDosha Washington deffy hooked ya girl up. I do believe that I have a new regular hair braider now lol, when I take these braids down in  December I'm gonna call her to do somethin' else to it. Hmm...Kinky Twists? Eh, I've got 2 months to decide and STOP LOOKIN' AT MY BOOBS! lol

Which is apparently the old mans hairstyle of choice considering all the skeevy old men who tried to push up on me when I hit main campus smh.

Regardless of all that dumb shxt, I am in a fan-frickin’-tabulousy awesome mood right now.

My meeting earlier went great. Better than great. Twas amazing actually. Every day and in every way I’m gettin’ “Closer to My Dreams”  and it feels so effin’ good jo. I’m on the brink of doin’ somethin’ that I’ve dreamt of doin’ ever since I read Marc Brown’s Pickle Things out loud to my class in first grade and…wow. All I can say right now on that is wow.

For the first time since May 11th 2009—one of the best days in the herstory of mine life—I’m truly happy…and the screen shot says it all


Ren is in such a good mood right now that she—I?—was even more positive than I usually am and yes, despite the goings on that you read about in these, my life and times, I am a positive individual. I have both kind and individual words that I use on a regular basis. Here’s a little example:

I was playing around on the Social Interview app on FaceBook earlier and the last question that I was asked was

If the whole world were listening, what would you say?

To which I answered:

Ha, like that'll ever happen. Nobody listens anymore, but on the WAY off chance that I did get the whole world to listen to what I have to say, I'd say:
"Life isn't all about the pursuit or the end goals that you may have. It's about enjoying the journey and being grateful, and lets not forget THANKFUL for the things you have and the people that you were blessed enough to meet along the way. Always remember who you are and never let "them" tell you who you should be. Your life is yours for a reason. Live it and be happy."

That's IF they all decided to listen tho

Of course, since people aren’t used to the positive Ren, I’ve been getting shxt like this all day


Ol' hatin', iStill love my lil bro tho haha

But eff ‘em.


I’m cuttin’ this one short, be glad and rejoice in the fact that I’ve given you less than 1,000 words to read this time around. I’m about to dip out of Positive Psychology early.

Shh. Don’t tell my professor.

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