Monday, October 19, 2009

I’ve Been Gone For a Minute Now I’m Back Wit’ The Whaa?

Sorry, I was listening to "Jump Off" by Lil Kim and the face from the milk carton Mr. Cheeks when I thought up the title. Not that I’m tryin’ to explain myself to y’all. Who be ye knaves to me?

Twas a joke! Sheesh…


So anyway, I finally ended up shooting that video that I’ve been talkin’ about shooting for the longest. Actually, I’ve shot videos, tons of them in fact. I just haven’t uploaded any of them because I didn’t like the way that they turned out. But that’s neither here nor there at the moment.

Um…before I post the vid—because I know that no one is gonna want to read anything after they see my 8 minutes of nonsense lol—here’s the scoop on the weekly update. Which none of y’all knew anything about.

Until now.

Well, I go over it in the video briefly, but here’s the topics for last week:

I Sent Side-Eyes to the Sanctified Saturday Night Sinners and Sunday Morning Worshippers

Monday Meetings and Malarkey

Tuesday Temptations

Whacktastically Whack Whackness on Wednesday

A Thoroughly “eh” Thursday

A Fantastic End to a Fxcked Up Week Gets Fxcked Up By Foolishness on Friday

From the titles to mine days alone, tell me that wouldn’t be shxts and giggles for anyone over the age of 18 unless accompanied by a responsible adult. However, like I sad in the video. Y’all know how I write. Saturday night and Sunday morning alone were 4 hand written pages before I decided to stop and by the way? My hand writing isn’t big either. Just imagine the strain on your eyes and my fingers if I had decided to write out the whole week.


Um…anything else I wanna say before I post this vid and leave for mine meeting? Uh…

Oh yeah.

Be sure to check out Cam&&Essence. I haven’t updated their site in a while, but click the linkage and go check it out anyway. I myself think that it’s a pretty good read, but y’know…

I wrote it.


Alright, I’ve stalled long enough, let me post this video then vacate these premises

Isn’t my hair cute?

Oh…you don’t think so?


Just playin’ lol.

I’ll upload to You-Tube later. Maybe. Or I’ll just shoot a completely different one and delete this one


I’m out.

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