Wednesday, October 14, 2009

If Ignorance Is Bliss; You Must Be the Happiest Person I Know [Updated!]

I wonder how many people are gonna think that this title is about them, get pissed off and decide not to read? Hmm…

*rolls eyes*

Oh well. If you wish to believe that I’m sitting here blogging about and taking shots at you while I'm freezing my marginally cute ass off then please sir and/or madam, go right ahead. Persuasive as I am, I can’t convince you of something that you don’t wanna believe no matter how hard I try so if you think that I’m takin’ a shot at you, do what ya does and keep it movin’.


Anyway, what it is, what it look like and damn if I don’t need to think up some other stereotypical nonsense to greet y’all with. That’s gettin’ old. How is everyone doin’ today?
Well, depending on the answer that I hope you didn’t say out loud seeing as this is a blog post and I’m not technically talking to you:
”That’s good”


“That’s too bad, hope it gets better for ya.”

As for how I’m doin’ on this marvelously cold inside of my house type of day, consider my mood to be:

I’ve got a whole chorus line of people in hooker heels doin’ the Chicken Head, A-Town Stomp and The Hustle on my last good nerve and once more, if I were to say shxt I’d be the one in the wrong. Which makes absolutely no sense to Ren seeing as everybody, they momma and their brothers baby-momma’s next door neighbors drug dealers girl on the side will be quick to tell me that I’m doin’ somethin’ to piss them off. But no matter. On to the blog.

Along with H1N1 and the common cold, stupidity is in the air this season. Get ya face masks bxtches, you don’t wanna catch any of those! Especially not the stupidity. They’ll be able to come up with a cure for the cold before they come up with a cure for that shxt.


In all seriousness though, there do seem to be a lot of ignorant and stupid people out and about on these interwebnets and guess what? Not only do I have screen caps to prove it but I have commentary too.


I was on FaceBook last night answering my messages and tryin’ to ensure that my lil sis Tweek didn’t beat my score at Plock when I witnessed and got involved in the fxckery pictured below.

By the way, you may have to click on the image to read it all, may be just a smidgeon too wide and wont fit in the margins.

Such a flippin' lameo smh Be a man and run the relationship




As you can clearly see, I had somethin’ to say on that mess but then my Twitter Hubby went and acted an ass by saying what he said.

Now, y’all know me. I couldn’t let what he said be the end of it so here’s the rest of the convo.

I know I am. Hmph.

Oh yeah, he also sent me this.


The face I sent says it all.

*rolls eyes*
I also had a super long straight faced moment when I heard this “dis track” aimed at my big bro and the Rebels.

I commented on the blog and said what the hell I had to say on that, but guess what? I’m in the mood to take screen shots so here we go:


Is this me tryin’ to get involved in some DMV beef?

Nah, not really.

Is this me using someone’s stupidity as an outlet to work off some of my frustrations since if I were to call someone out on their bullshxt I’d get told off and I don’t have the time nor the patience for jail because that’s where I’d end up for strangling said persons?


Well, that’s it for now, someone just got online that I really wanna talk to but at the same time I don’t because…


I miss us.

 Editors Bloggers Note:

Now, I’m not the one to start ish…but I will instigate the hell out of a situation keep y’all updated on this “Hello Kitty” [Their name for him, not mine]  vs. The Rebels ish.

Dee Woodz of The Rebels issued a "Quick Response" to Senor Sanrio and this pretty much says it all

Senor Don Gato should just take the L and keep it movin' because if the rest of The Rebels respond in kind it will do NOTHING for his self image. How. Dreadful.

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