Wednesday, October 14, 2009

If I Was Half the Bxtch I Have the Potential to Be…

I’d name this post somethin’ rude as hell and write


italicized and bolded in 36 point pink font [in case you were wondering, this WGCMB is written italicized and bolded in 18 point font] then proceed to sit here and type up a few ridiculous ass lies, hit publish on Windows Live Writer and call it a blog.

But I’m no Sandra Rose and if you think that I’m taking a shot at her you may:
A) Be right

B) Be wrong

C) Be tryin’ to start shit


D) All of the above

Like I said before,  persuasive as I am, I can’t convince you of something that you don’t wanna believe no matter how hard I try so if you think that I’m takin’ a shot at this woman then so be it. It is what it is and life’s what you make it so lets make it rock.

*shrugs and sighs*

I should probably calm myself down but guess what? Me no wanna so me wont. Me shall also continue to say “me” in place of “I” when I chose to because I enjoy doing things mine way and being difficult is the way to go. Ask anybody who knows or even thinks that they know me. This is my modus operandi. Don’t like it? You can do a few things:

1) You can go and choke on a Hammond cheese sandwich—word to Reina Violeta and she knows why—for thinking that I give a soy sauce packet about what you like. The time for that has passed homies and ho’s.

2) ALT + F4 off my ish right…now.

3) Don’t ever come back again.

But that’s only if you don’t  like it. If you happen to enjoy my brand of off, abrasively cute and just a tad bit charming weird humor then please, feel free to take off ya shoes and relax ya feet and know that I appreciate your hits to my blog.

No really…I’m bein’ serious.

I appreciate y’all that take the time out to read the randomness that is my Infamous Life and Times. Sure, it’d be nice to have people comment my ish every once and a while *wink wink nudge nudge* but it is what it is and it for dang sure ain’t a requirement.

There’s a part of me that wants to tell you, whoever you are that happens to stumble across the blog, that I do this for y’all but that mine friends and enemies is a lie. I do inform y’all that I do this for…me.

Saying the ish that I say on my blog? Displaying my not so random moments of I don’t give a fxck and I don’t care if you like it or not” and all that? Yeah. This is like cheap therapy for me lol.

As a chronic sufferer of Whatthefxckisthisilitisa disease that affects one’s sanity, making them want to choke someone out (no not literally, what do you take me for? Eff) for even the smallest of ignorant offenses. Often occurs in those that are exposed to any amount of recklessness for long periods of time—my blog is just what the doctor prescribed.

Where the eff this whole blog came from I don’t even know, wasn’t tryin’ to post another entry, this is like…what, number five this week? Maybe six?

I need to work on my boredom.

And on getting the eff away from my computer; I’m on this bxtch far too much with the whole workin’ and school thing smh.

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