Friday, January 29, 2010

“I’m Absolute and They’re All Obsolete”

I have been loafin’ like a bad word that I’m choosing to abstain from using at the moment when it comes to updating the blog. This is the part where I’d ask for your forgiveness but if you’re reading this, there is a very real chance that your approval doesn’t matter to me so why would your forgiveness? Don’t get it twisted just because I haven’t updated in a bit, I’m still me. Hmph.
So anyway, a lot has happened since I last slid a double shot of Ren down the bar to serve the patrons of the blogosphere and I have no clue where to begin. Hmm…Eeny, Meanie, miney…
ah, here we go.
I absolutely loathe, detest, despise and downright hate people sometime.
Yesterday when I was in search of fxckery on twitter out of boredom, I got involved in one of the most ignorant, pointless debates that I’ve ever been involved in.
My skin color isn't what makes me "better" than any "nigga", "Spic", "White" or other nationality. Who I am as a person and what I bring to the figurative table is what makes me "better" than another individual. 
Light skin vs. Dark skin.
I fully intend to speak on this one day and soon, but not until I do some more research on the subject because I’ll be damned if I sound stupid. So, before I move on to the next—no Jay Z— peep my response to her after she told me that “As a light-skinned woman, you were handpicked to succeed”

Hand picked to succeed? Really? So you think that my skin tone is going to be what determines my success level? Incorrect. Any amount of success or failure that I obtain will be based STRICTLY on my merits as an individual. I for one don’t buy into this whole light skin is better than dark skin or vice versa bullshxt. If anything, I’m better than you because of who I am and don’t you ever forget that. Stop trying to blame your failures as a human on me and those around me and man the fxck up. “You’ve had it easy because of your light skin” Bxtch please, suck and choke on a dick because you sound stupid as all hell right now.

Her response was to call me an uppity house nigger. Then she asked me which shade of men I get myself involved with and insinuated that I date light skinned men to keep the tradition of dark skinned oppression alive. I was sitting there looking at my laptop and wishing that I could wrap my hands around her neck and choke some sense into her when I told her that I don’t just date black men. She came out the side of her virtual neck calling me a light skinned race traitor and before she could continue I told her:
By no means am I a traitor to the race. My race is human.
Then I blocked her and went about my damn bidness.
*rolls eyes*
In other news, since I posted this guess what happened?
Give up? Well, for the easily defeated and those without a decent dose of imagination, the answer is
Yes, that He.

Bleh. I can’t focus, too much on my mind. So, consider this part one.

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