Sunday, January 3, 2010

Young, Energetic, (In)famous but Don’t Really Sweat it

Day Three

Hey there Saturday night sinners and Sunday morning fakers saints. How be thee? Were you on time for Sunday School after you downed four shots of Tequila and an apple martini, danced semi-nude on the bar at your local night club then gathered up your goons and goblin lookin’ gurlies and headed to IHOP for the New York Cheesecake pancakes? You were? Well dang!
I stayed home and watched Doctor Who wit’ the parental unit while I did some more work on the hooded blanket that I’m crocheting and I didn’t manage to make it in time for class. Then again, I haven’t been to Sunday School in a good…oh, I’d say ten years and I honestly have no intention of going back anytime soon. I’m (perhaps unlike some of y’all. It’s not my place to judge) in contact with my God on a regular basis. It’s not just a one day a week type of thing for me. Even if I’m not in my Word like I should be, I pray daily.
*pauses to pick up and collect the jaws that may have dropped*
I see that one day soon I’m gonna have to explain my faith and my stance on religion. I’m not about to sit here and call myself a Christian because you could easily look back at any of my previous posts and call me on my hypocritical, non-Christian like bullshxt. I’m not about to call myself “Spiritual” either because I see that as a cop-out of sorts. No, I won’t call myself a Christian and continue to run my life and my site the way that I do. I’d be no better than the “church folx” that I despise and I can’t have that.
But ladies, gents, fellas who look like ladies and vice versa, that’s not here and I’m not going there. Not right now. I just took a batch of Snickerdoodle’s out of the oven—yes, I crochet and I bake. The (Infamous) One is slightly domesticated—and I fully intend to smash these with an ice cold glass of milk.
*Proceeds to do so and burps quietly*
Excuse me.
So anyway, ya girl is chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool and living the life as Your Adorable Marvelousness, The Phresh Princess of Lansing.
I’m currently listening to music as I half watch an epi of Cold Case and reminiscing about the past.
[I’ll upload and post the song in a bit, DivShare is actin’ ass right now smh]

Years ago, back when my on again, off again boyfriend and I were off again, this song was me and Jay. One quick, sweet kiss was almost enough to ruin a lifelong friendship. Almost.
Before things got too weird between us, I confronted him by telling him that he was not that great of a kisser (slight lie) and if things didn’t get back to the way they were between us quick, fat and in a gotdamn hurry, I’d have to punch him in the throat (truth). We never kissed again, but we did indeed make up. Shortly after, Jay got introduced to the girl who was ultimately his downfall. That stupid, dirty, no good, very bad bxtch.
Anywho, I’m about to get another glass of milk and another cookie or three. I’ll try to keep the excursions down Memory Lane to a minimum. Y’all might think that I’ve gone soft or some shxt and I need to strike fear into your lives or at the very least make you laugh. Making you laugh is the objective I suppose, although the fear lasts longer.
Til the morrow; parting is such sweet sorrow and all that.
Three days down, three hundred and sixty two to go.

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