Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just So You Know; You’ll Never Know

Happy Birthday Auntie Ria and Leema Bean!

The blogger formally (and currently) known as Ren is not in a good gotdang mood right now.
Saturday night or Sunday morning, the space bar on my laptop broke and I was forced to resort to this to perform basic typing tasks on my my personal computer.  Earlier today, the charger to said laptop said “bxtch, I quit you” and committed suicide before my very eyes.
It’s not that I’m mad that my laptop decided to hand me a figurative pink slip even though that puts a serious cramp in my plans. Nope. I have a three year warranty on that piece of shxt . What’s making me grind my teeth as I sit here at the family’s desktop computer is the fact that I’ll have to deal with these fxckfacedbastardtardmonkeynutswallowers (one word) at Dell. The last time I was on the phone with them it was for three hours, got bounced from one non-english speaking operator to the next and at the end of the call, my problem didn’t get resolved. Then today, I was told that they were closed and subsequently hung up on. Ugh. Fxckers.
Bet this shxt wouldn’t happen if I had a Mac.
Anyway, I’m irked as all hell right now so I’m not even going to jump through the usual hoops or ring or blow the bells and whistles. Don’t have time. I’m too busy plotting the destruction of Dell. So, get into it and peep the screen shots that I’ll be providing below.

Extreme Boredom

Shut up. As I said, I was bored.  

plus Karma Kameleon

Equals this
we are funny as shxt and I don't care what anyone has to say. That is all.

I’ll be back with the story behind the whole BlackPlanet thing at a later date. I’m about to call Dell customer service again. Wish me luck.

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