Monday, January 4, 2010

Day Four: I Write Sins AND Tragedies

It’s much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality

Yo ho, yo ho—*points*—how goes it me hearties? The cold making you shiver down to your timbers and say “argh”? Suck that shxt up. You can’t be a sailor on the good ship Lollipop and act like a pussy. I’ll make you walk the plank, keep it up.
As for me, I’m coolin’ in the Captain’s Quarters, tryin’ to chart my course for the day and wishing that I never did the pirate thing. I’ve got the “It’s my ship and I’m the captain” line from Eve’s “Satisfaction” on loop in my head right now.
I know you’re hopin’ that I rest so you can breathe…
Other than being mentally assaulted by Eve over production by (I think) Swizz Beats circa 2K2 and chillin’, I just got done arranging a meeting with Miss Maria (she makes me call her that *rolls eyes*) to set up a writing schedule. 2010 is the year of The Turner High Diaries, my “black” or “urban”—Lawd how I hate those terms—book series for teens and all those who enjoy a good read.
The THD’s are centered around four best friends who happen to be cousins and their junior and senior years in high school. If you’ve stalked the blog for any amount of time or are fond of clicking my various links, you’ve already been introduced to Cam&&Essence, but you’ve yet to meet Leslie, Monica and Rayne (who’s name was just recently changed back after the events of this summer. Just seemed…fitting) or any of the other characters in the Turnerverse. There’s Hope, Faith, Victory, Meghan, Julian, Jarrod and Nashell, Jasmine and James who briefly appear in the preview of Cam&&Essence that I have up. Then there’s Markus…
In case you didn’t think I was vain enough to do it, all of my lead characters are modeled after your truly, meaning they figuratively shxt on you and Bella Swan. Vampires; bah.
  Eh, I’ll blog somethin’ later on, I need to get up and clean.

Four days down, three hundred and sixty-one to go.

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