Tuesday, January 19, 2010

“The Importance of Being Earnest? Who He Be?”

Before you even allow the thought to cross your mind, I am quite aware that TIOBE is a play written by Oscar Wilde and I would like to inform you all that this is not a quote by me. No, I happen to know a little something about the plot and wouldn’t say anything as ignorant as that which I overheard and stole to use as a title. What do you take me as?

Hola mi amigos y…uh, whatever the Spanish word for “enemies” is. What’s bueno in your barrio’s Holmes? Holmes’s? Hmm…oh, what’s that? Pookie got knocked? Again?
Ay carrumba.
As for me and my rather fantabulous, infamous with a side of notorious self, I am…not in a good mood. At all. Which is ironic considering how this all got started. I honestly don’t feel like goin’ into it right now, but last week I heard from my lil big bro JB who is, in case you aren’t an original lurker of the blog, His natural born brother.
We did a bit of catching up and, long-ish story short, I was encouraged to call Him. So I did. Twice.
The first time I called I was fighting back tears. As His outgoing message came on, I realized just how much I miss Him and I was stumbling over my words as I left a message hoping that He’d get back to me soon.
[I’m still waiting but if Q needs time He can take it. *shrugs*]
Ah, you were astute enough to pick up on the fact that there’s a lot that I’m not saying right now? Well then, gold stars and handclaps for you.

I’ll be back with some ill natured, bad tempered, smart mouthed, notorious infamy next post, I promise. Can’t have people thinkin’ that I’ve gone soft because I miss this nigga.
Because I might have. And I definitely do.



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