Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

I don’t like people.

Real ish, I detest, despise, loathe, abhor and just all around can’t stand people. Actual ones at least. Y’all know how I feel about theoretical people, they’re great, wish I knew more of ‘em.

Today’s actual people fxck up goes to my loving evil little sister Victoria. Peep this snippet of a conversation that she had with one of her friends during church a couple of weeks back.

Boogie: I don’t like Kameo!
M: You don’t like anyone, what’s new? >:|
Boogie: I like people, just not Kameo, Sarah, Tammy or Erika
M: Which One
Boogie: Not Tianna’s mom but the other one
M: Y?
Boogie: Cuz she tries to tell me what to do
M: Like…?
Boogie: In dance class she acts like she’s Kameo and Sarah!
M: Well, she is an adult, she’s just trying to better you
Boogie: Well it ain’t workin’
M: She’s really nice
Boogie: Well not to me she’s not!
M: Okay? Y do u not like Tammy?
Boogie: She can’t sing and act’s all stuck up and junk!
[the egregious use of the exclamation point is killin’ me softly]
M: How do she act stuck up?
Boogie: She acts like she’s better than everyone…
M: Wow, you just described yourself to me
Boogie: No, no, no. I know that I’m better than some people cuz of their confidence level
M: Wow, and you call Tammy stuck up
Boogie: Me and Tammy are two different people
M: Yeah, but Tammy isn’t stuck up
Boogie: And neither am I
[*cough* bullshxt *cough*]
M: Girl boom
Boogie: Um…no comment
M: But f you asked Tammy 4 anything, if she had it she would give it to you. You? Not so much
Boogie: Yes I would
M: Then give me a dollar

*sighs and rolls eyes*

You know that way that I joke about bein’ better than other people? Yeah, in virtually every one of my posts? That? Yeah, it’s just me talkin’ my shxt. Despite what you read here, I’m quite humble and don’t believe that I’m better than any…erm, many people. And those that I’m quote unquote better than, it’s not me as a person that’s specifically better than the other person, it’s one or more of my qualities that’s better. Boogie on the other hand?

Not so much.

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