Monday, December 7, 2009

How Do Ya Make Somethin’ So Easy So Complicated?

Hey there humans and human impersonators, how art thou and…yeah, I don’t feel like wasting my brilliance on y’all by coming up with an introduction, so I’m gonna let this shxt speak for itself.


I decided to fxck around wit’ Google Voice this morning out of extreme boredom, so I left myself a few vmails to embed on the blog. Take a listen to me ramble aimlessly then peep the translation that Google was kind enough to provide me with.

And it and I was going on what it is really look like I'll be made to know what I did there at the posted for that they have a regular basis. If you are over in and right now I'm just bored at home taking a break a quick break from us bedding from the final 8 of the M's and wanted to move around them to. Anyway, there, I'm a ex so I just decided to do that because I have a set of video in a while, and I'd see if you are now. But one might hear it. But see you and I don't, so I'm trying to make my camera worked long enough to do that so. 3. I'm not doing it. Okay so yet. Ford and my just around doable voice and but some more. I did okay yeah get the M. Right now I see why people say that you need to come down a lot. Anyway, there's no point of this month so I don't even know if I'm going to use it, but on the 10th avenue hi and yes okay i'm i'm. I'm done I'm done. I think it's now I don't think I am actually and then two questions lessons. Yes, this is whether I talked to my cellphone at routine in regular basis. Don't have questions because I don't have any a quick break so we see it, anything up. It was I. Dan, I want to let me know yeah, and I think them done. I think maybe that mister. Now i got nothing but now I think you know no. Okay, I'm babysit.


Yeah, Google didn’t get any better wit’ the translation. Observe.

Hey there, You analyze how goes it. If you are in and right now. I'm basically just really really really really really bored right now. So I decide to try and set so mike avoid in letting out in and this is like, well, okay, it's just me bring myself avoid because I've really kinda sad to think about this is for nothing else, because it's going on blocks anyway, this is the show people that if you leave me avoid smell on my google voice number and you say something out the way in does come out the side of your neck with some. I will not hesitate to post this on my blog and put you on what I've without a person, and I am. I'm tired of being nicer up and get and the metro. Despite what you may think I would. You may have heard the site all that but so yes, I'm bored, you might expect. Well you know you times ice. Maybe you should expect more info. Audio blogs and when that because I don't feel like trying to get my camera still Workman enough to shoot a video and I'm leaving like that. So, I mean if you can use that they're here in talk on the phone 6. So whether there's a lot but yeah so, is there anything hey it's shattering or special War you need. Gore anything that I would like to bring up at the moment you know now. I didn't have a fantastic am island get. This is with that top. That's a leave. Yeah I might think that I don't talk the way that I write on my blog, but when I feel like it. I do so my part. I'm really quite Britain. I'm line with it, but I am quite, but I did talk with those a lot if I know you and when that as well. You don't talk, too, because I don't know this is whether I talked and this is leave that up and everything like that, but I decide. That's it, the check but please note that they're anything but i'm crazy because I'm not. I'm just a little and will and right now. You can tell. Ha ha. Okay, I really think that I should like quite before I d something or say something. That's, like, really, really, really, really, really save it. Well thank you it. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you very much already back. So yes, is just like that talking now but I can't. I mean I can be done with it. It's me, yes. Hey, I'm gonna grab a box. I think project. Yeah, I think I meant. I think. And yeah i'm down. Hi, Okay, I'm gonna be, but I was or.

Yeah…I know. I was bored. Forgive me. Here’s the last one.

Hey Sam people. How goes it to go over in hey. Right now I'm bored. I'm trying to mess up to come down because I've tried to do this like 3 times already and I just labeled on and on and on and on it on him. A message that I West End. Thank you and that's about anyway. And yeah, it was like listening to one of my blog post, times 4 and at it yet. Are you know that's let me know that if you get that, but at the out because you know anyone come at the what the F black airport. Yeah, exactly, so anyway he could. Yeah, I'm just boy. I just wanted to do a little quick audio blog because I can't do my my videos at the moment because of my camera and so yeah, there's nothing special going on this Lane say when I'm too i'm bored. I'm Hungry Stay, and I'm trying to do the white decide about what the cost would like to bring me breakfast because I feel like cooking right now. You know how that is great, like you're hungry, but you know with that they will be so much easier to just called money and have them bring you yet, but the thing is, the people that I could call the bringing my breakfast. Hi exactly like I don't have time to meet you, which is weird because I keep dealing with. Please make it on everything. Thank you, basis. That's it for some reason it's not the right way, Hi Dylan, one-on-one see when I'm bored, which is the routine and like you later thank you going to happen. Yeah, I have no clue what up on the saying little voice vote coming up in about a home for you about things about so at least I think all the time is of the from going on and on mon. Although I did. We walked in about the fact that because I don't want to do that. So, hit it yet. I guess that is an appointed as one just before. So yeah, you know heading on this one like you do on my blog since let me know that they'd ever you know, leave me what time it let you know Sandra Sandra you saw that you know whatever food I could you Tuesday. But don't feel like thinking of ones. Okay, so I'm about to be like cut off and I think I don't know what the dell mate some pancakes and bacon for breakfast because I wouldn't have to be willing to think it was 2 family in the morning and need to have one side. If not, so to the next time. Yeah post and replace pretty soon. And yeah like.

I guess that I’ll have to come up with scripts or cue-cards and shxt the next time I do this lol.

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