Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It Happens to the Best of Us. Then it Happens to You

Before I get into this post, time for a random screenshot of a conversation between Lil One and I

This was back in October iThink. As a matter of fact...this was one of the last times that we seriously chopped it up on AIM since this nicca hardly ever signs on anymore *sad face* Oh. And the porn was whackness. Just to throw it out there.

So. Effin’. Rude.

But anyway…

Hey y’all, what it is, what it look like and all that good stuff? How the heck be you gnomes, elves and assorted ho-ho-ho’s?
Y’know, Santa isn’t the only one who has a list that he checks twice so y’all best be on your uh…best behavior. While I’m not omnipresent—triple word score bxtches (=—I do have spies all over and I know exactly when your being naughty and nice. For example…you? Yes, you, the light skinned dude wit’ the body who resides out on the east-coast? Yeah…you can be a naughty boy all you like, as long as you do it on webcam where I can monitor you…


I’m just playin’ gotdangit, sheesh!

I don’t have access to the internet right now, so who knows when I’m going to get the chance to post this or any other post that I may write. As it is, I finally finished rewriting the overview that I did for Darren Hanible and told him that I would email it to him before I post it, but…no net.


So, I’m about to do a random countdown, from ten to one, of things that have crossed my mind today and otherwise. It shall be fun. For y’all. Maybe. I don’t know. Don’t really care at the moment either, too bored for that


Let’s get into it.

10 Things I Always Wished I Could Say to 10 People

10) Yeah…you’re the main reason I don’t date Lansing niggas.
9) Love and Basketball is not that great of a movie
[Yeah, I said it. And?]
8) You’re not a big fan of thinking before you speak, are you?
7) Thank you.
6) You stupid, stupid cow. I told you not to get that niggas name tatted on you!
5) I do.
4) For someone so incredibly smart, you are so unbelievably stupid. Open your eyes. Please?
3) I don’t have it in me to hate anyone, but if I did, it would definitely be you for what you did.
2) I will make it, fxck you for not believing in me.
1) Siempre.

9 Things About Me You May or May Not Know

9) the “R” in my first name is capitalized for a reason and I hate it when people don’t spell my name the right way or think that the capitalization changes the way my name is pronounced.
“LauRen” is pronounced the same way as “Lauren”
thank you kindly.
8) I’m a Leo, the best fire sign ever in the history of everdom
7) “Never will I ever utter never to myself” word to Wale
6) I have a scar that’s shaped like a lizard on my left ankle from the surgery I had after I broke my ankle on Valentine’s Day 2003
5) I’m a Bible Bowl Champion
4) I took a huge chance over the summer and risked everything that I know and I’m still hoping that what I did was worth the risk. Still waiting to find out…
3) I was that quiet girl in HS who always had her nose in a book
2) I can’t leave the house without my music, a book, a notebook and at least one tube of lip-gloss
1) My life is a harmonious dichotomy. I’m an enigmatic, contradiction of a conundrum and that my friends, enemies and hybrid of the two, is my defense mechanism of choice.

8 Ways to Win My Friendship
8) Honesty is indeed the best policy ladies and gents.
7) Be yourself. If I wanted more fakeness, I’d associate with more bxtches from Lansing
6) Be prepared to deal with my sarcasm. No one is safe from it, if you can’t handle that, your application for the position of friend to The (Infamous) One hath already been denied.
5) Have a sense of humor…but don’t try too hard. If you have to struggle to get laughs, you may as well give it up.
4) Be prepared to subscribe to my issues. I have more than a few and if you deal with mine, I’ll deal with yours in return
3) Don’t be afraid to speak your mind—about anything.
2) Be there when I need you. Not that I’m gonna have you bail me outta jail or anything like that—that responsibility lies wit’ the bestie—just be there when I need someone to talk to, I’ll appreciate it and you.
1) Don’t bullshxt me. I don’t have the time for that foolishness and you do not want to know what happens when I find out you lied to me. Tis not a pretty sight homies and ho’s.

7 Things That Crossed My Mind Today
7) What the hell? How did this end up under my bed?
6) Wonder what’ll happen if I do end up writing that?
5) No the hell she did not take my effing modem away! What is this bullshxt? What am I, three and a half, cuz I mean, really?
4) I kinda miss that…*sad face*
3) Wonder what Jay would say about everything that’s goin’ on right now
2) Eeny, Meany, Miney, Mo, which one of these ho’s should I make hit that stroll?
1) Argh—like a pirate—I have writing to do

6 Things That I Do Before Bed
6) Talk on the phone for a couple of hours[usually until I fall asleep]
5) pick out pjs before saying a loud “eff it” and falling asleep in an oversized t-shirt
4) read/write
3) listen to music
2) shower
1) say a prayer for Him

5 Songs I Listened to Today
5) “Classic” Conscious

4) “Can't Shake Me” Lazy Eye

3) “I Think I Love You” Dwele

2) “Say Something Freestyle” Darren Hanible

1) “My Immortal” Evanescence

4 Things That I’m Wearing Right Now
4) Burgundy toe-socks
3) white tank top
2) tan coatdress
1) flip-flops
[Say somethin’. I dare ya.]

3 Things I Want to Do Before I Die
3) Live again…
2) Get the eff you see kay outta Michigan for good
1) Get published

2 People Who Mean the World to Me
2) The bestie Tia
1) Him

1 Confession
1) I’m afraid too you know, but no matter how scared I was, I never ran. Wish you could say the same.

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