Monday, August 10, 2009

Theoretical People FTMFW! [Edited]


This isn’t a continuation of my last post. This isn’t even about Him. This is me gettin’ back to my bitchy best so I don’t have to think about what comes next. Call it avoidance if you must, I won’t deny it at all.


I love people…in theory. Actual people on the other hand?

Eh, not so much.

Theoretical people are kind and mildly intelligent.

Actual people post shit like this on the Internet thinkin’ that they’re smart when in all actuality, the actual person looks like an actual asshole who’s actually really not smart at all. For an example of actual stupidity, peep the pic.

one of the reason I'm against most actual people: they're stupid for the most part smh

[click to see full-size image]

Now, I’m pretty sure the actual person who didn’t use their actual picture as their avi on Media Take Out thought that they were positively intelligent when they posted their comment on this story about the new show Spartacus on Starz yesterday. However, look at her second reply.

Yes, I’m pretty sure that there was a lot of actual gay things going down in ancient times, I’ve seen more than a few Grecian urns to back up this statement. However; I don’t think that Apollo or Napoleon Bonaparte were actually doin’ this. Y’know…

because Apollo didn’t actually exist outside of mythology and because Napoleon wasn’t around in Ancient Rome. Had to throw that out there just in case you’re an actual person who didn’t actually know this. If that’s the case, you’re actually kinda dumb, but I digress.

I understand what the homophobic Miss GuessJeans was trying to say. Kind of. But the fact of the matter is, yes, there was a lot of homosexual activity going on back in ancient times. Men basically only slept with women to produce an heir, twas a display of sexual prowess to bag the baddest nigga in a toga, not so much so concerning a woman.

If you’re an actual person who doesn’t actually believe me, you can Google it. Go ahead, enhance thine actual life with a bit of knowledge.


[oh, in case you didn’t understand why I kept sayin’ “actual” and forms thereof? You’re slow]

*hides face in shame*

So, I let my actual person come out there for a second when I failed to realize that she said ancient Romans...Spartacus sounds like a distincly Greek name and I do believe the show is set in ancient Greece.

Don't hold it against me though, I'm just an actual person...


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