Friday, August 28, 2009

Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself, it’s Like “REN” R to the E-N…

So, my little sis Ashley—the rude one who leaves me the mean ass comments on my blog *side eye*—conned me into joining

So...yeah, iWouldn't put it up here if iWasnt willing to have you totally random strangers all up in my bidness. iWouldn't even BLOG if iWould mind havin' totally random people all up in my bidness. So...feel free to add me lol

and to be quite perfectly honest with you…I kinda hate it. Like I kinda hate Ash. Nah, I’m playin’, I love my little sister but I digress.

So, FaceBook—yes, I capitalize the “B” in “book” I don’t care if you like it or not. I’M NOT HERE TO PLEASE YOU! Nigga.—is like…app hell. And of all the one’s that I allow to have access to my account, the one that I use on the reggy is the “Questions of the Day” app.

I’m bored and I still haven’t finished the blog that I’ve been working on for the last day or so, so I’ll post my answers to today’s questions then get back to work on the introduction of my musical boyfriend number two—sorry Wale, lyrical soul-mate of mine you are but my mp3 player has been invaded by someone new. I still got love for ya though, you’re the only artist’s whose entire catalog I have on the mp3 player that I carry with me at all times and you’re the one that made me fall in love with DMV hip hop. But this new guy…—to mine blogosphere. So, without further ado…

Basic Info
    Is music important to you?: Music is LIFE. Without it there is no Ren essentially
    Is reading important to you?: Um...YEAH! iLove read, it's fundamental after all
    Do you watch the news daily?: iUsually do or at least iTry to
    Do you check the weather daily?: This is Michigan, hex yeah iDo. It could be 80 one day and snowing the next, knowing the forecast is essential
    Are you a nice person?: iAm a VERY nice Neisha said "Sweet person meets salty world" bittersweet is the result so my niceness is tinged w/rudeness if you can't handle that you're a buster annd SO not worth my time

    Fruit?: Strawberries and Oranges
    Vegetable?: Um...carrots :D
    Toolbar?: iDunno...iLike the Google toolbar and the Aim one too
    Icon?: don't have one *shrugs*
    Bible verse?: Phillipians 4:13

Have you Ever
    feared the future?: Who hasn't?
    dreaded the past?: Why dread something in the past? It's behind mwtf is thte and will NEVER catch up with me
    made homeade soup?: iDon't believe so. Had some. Never made it.
    bought someone a car?: Da eff? iHaven't even bought my own car why the flip would iBuy someone else a car?
    gotten money in the mail you didn't expect?: Yes, twas quite nice

Do you
    believe in miracles?: iSure do
    believe in fate?: Not as much as iBelieve in God's plan, but yes, iDo
    use a crock pot?: Sure do
    prefer rice or pasta?: Sheesh, iCan't prefer both? There is no prefernce, either or will suffice
    ever go into chat rooms?: Not anymore, iHave no need

What is
    your homepage?: for my browser? the Wyzo homepage
    your favorite old movie?: iLike a bunch of 'em. Casablanca, Singin' in the Rain, The King and I
    the best brand of condoms?: iDon't use condoms...iDon't have sex
    your favorite way to eat eggs?: Um...not to. In a cake iSuppose because eggs are grody
    something you learned from your grandparents?: a lot of things, not sure how to apply them

    Yesterday/Tomorrow?: If iChose yesterday then my today wouldn't happen because iWould've changed things so lets go with tomorrow shall we
    Chicken soup/Clam Chowder?: Chicken Soup FTMFW
    Radio/CDs?: CDs, if iWanted to listen to the radio iMay as well just put 3 songs on repeat, word to Lansing radio *cough* 96.5 *cough*
    Soup/Sandwich?: iCan't have both? You busters! lol, Sandwich
    Word/Excel?: Word, iDont have the patience for spread sheets

    are you close to your grandparents?: I'm kinda close to Nana, iDon't tell her everything tho
    do you stay in touch with your aunts and uncles?: yeah...nope, not really
    do you tell your significant other everything?: Basically everything, yes
    do you and your best friend have inside secrets?: Me and Tia? Yeah, we do, a bunch of them. We know entirely too much about each other
    is lying unacceptable to you?: Depends on what the lie is and who does it

    Life is...: a joke and it's on you, so live it and laugh it up while you can because the punchline's a killer
    I am...: not ya average chick and I'm for DAMN sure smarter than ya average bear. I'm a street certified genius who could and does give less than an eff about what you, yours and what you have to say about me and mine. So, do what ya does. Try to analyze me or throw me in a box wit' the rest of mankind. I promise, I won't be there for long. Why? I'm a RENegade
    I am not...: One to be trifled and/or played with and if you try iSuggest you run for cover.
    I want to be...: a lot of things, successful chief among them, no Drake
    I wish I could...: ...not sayin'

    love?: real one? E. A. S.
    kiss?: the first one iRemember was Jacob, he was 8, iWas 4 :D
    sexual experience?: ...yeah, NADA will iSay on this question, I'm not stupid, some of y'all know my 'rents, questions iDo not want to answer will be asked so yeah, I'ma keep quiet *nods head and shuts lips*
    friend?: Um...Casey [Jacob's little sister lmao]
    child?: haven't had one yet

    What was your last dream about?: Him
    How many letters in your last name?: 6
    When is the last time you ate too much?: Um...5 minutes ago, the pizza was on point
    When is the last time you ate at a buffet?: iDunno, it's been a while, iAvoid them the best iCan
    When is the last time you shared a dessert with someone?: willingly? Good question, no clue

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