Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Don't Need a Title For This Shit

Take a look folks because these are gonna be the last videos I shoot and put on PhotoBucket since I don't have time for it to cut my damn vid length. they are.
I was bored, my hair isn't done, it was one somethin' in the morning but I don't give a got damn.
Who gon' check me boo?
Sorry, I had to do it

Yeah, I took it there wit’ the
Out of the Box


Your point?

1 comment:

bfears said...

"take yo dirty ass in the house & hop in the shower" & "hit me on facebook next time" *dead*


im mad yu sed for you to not get this time back in your life!!! i dun wasted my precious time on your butt!!! lol jk