Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Recollections of a Rensomniac

Listen to my story and you’ll know just who the bastard is.”

The time is currently 2:14 AM and surprise, sureffinprise: I’m wide the eff awake. Once again. Ugh.
I don’t have time for this ish, yet here I am, Beethoven’s String Quartet in C, Op. 29 is playing softly on WQXR, there’s a liter of Deja Blue to the right of me and and a pencil complete with fresh bite-marks in my hand, scratching quietly along the page. I should be in my bed, snuggled up with my ferocious beast of a stuffed lion E, yet again, here I am.
I haven’t been able to fall asleep at a decent hour for the past three weeks or so. It’s either because I didn’t get to sleep until 6:45 one morning after staying up and out with The Bestie and The Toy until 5:00, or it’s because of what I discovered the morning before that. Long story short:
Bitches and those who should know better kill me with the shit they do and the pointless lies they tell.
If you feel the need to lie about a situation, not once, not twice but multiple times? To someone who knows and accepts the real you, no matter what you do? You know what you’re doin’ is wrong.
…but I’m not goin’ there, not tonight. Let me throw up these tracks of the day and be out until next post.
First up is QuESt yes, again. He’s one of my favs, what can I say? with the P.ersonal assisted track

one of my favorite selections from WMRB?

Next is Personal with
Lose Tonight

from his upcoming “Sydney in Theory” EP
I’m lovin’ the alternative-hip hop feel of this track. He managed to fuse two of my favorite genres of music and create a more progressive sound with help from lyrics like

I’m more ‘bout myself, I am on my own shit…
pricked from the thorns of the grapevine
a rose that emerged from the concrete stone
a stick of dynamite, the thought that I’d be blown
they don’t even know the shit my mind be on…

Last, but most certainly not least is
Exhibit Q

Which is, if you hadn’t already guessed, QuESt’s take on Jay Elechanukkah Jay Electronica’s instant classic “Exhibit C”.
QuESt goes in, delivering lyrical promises like

And I ain’t goin’ nowhere
nickname ‘Tattoo’
Stick this game to save my heart
that’s why they call me John Q

over the Just Blaze crafted beat. 
Listen closely, he’s got quotables for days.  

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