Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Five Point Two

Here we go, one more time…

Five Things I’ve Learned So Far This Week: Take Two

5) Teenagers are gonna be the death of me. They’re rude, offensive as all hell and I can’t be around them for long periods of time without wanting to take a power drill to the side of the dome. I’ll gladly acknowledge the fact that I have rude-ish tendencies more often than not but dammit, I’ve got nothin’ on these fxckers. Or is it they have nothing on me? Hmm…
4) I can almost paint the nails on my right hand—I’m a righty—as well as I can paint the ones on my left, but as I suck at painting my nails, take that as you may.
3) Karma-Karma-Karma-Karma-Karma Kameleon she comes and goes has all the makings of a power hungry dictator. She knows this and doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. In fact, I think she relishes this.
2) Even when it was wrong—especially when it was wrong—it was always right.
1) I was right I think and that knowledge neither fazes or pleases me. I’m not mad or anywhere close to being pissed off like I usually would be, nor am I sad. I’m strictly “eh” for the moment, gathering more information and staying neutral  in the mean time.

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