Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Five Point One

I’m not absentminded; I just happen to be tardy.”

I’m doin’ somethin’ a little different this time around. Somethin’ that I actually see myself stickin’ with unlike a few of the other things I’ve done here in past posts.
The other day, I was acquainting myself with my new follower @Mo_Rease on Twitter when in between talkin’ smack about Caillou to my big sis I decided to check out his website link and came across his blog, Stumbling and Rumblings. One of the first entries that I came across was a “Five Things post written by the hilarious @ameriQan
Long story short, I like the idea of the five things posts and have decided to adopt it for use on The (Infamous) Life, so without further ado, let’s get into it.

Five Things I’ve Learned So Far This Week…

5) Lies hurt more than the truth ever could.
4) My main mp3 player is sexually deprived or something to that effect because damn. Out of the 1500 songs I currently have on my Sony Walkman fxck your iPod, nobody cares it’ll only play the ones relating to sex when I put it on shuffle past midnight. *rolls eyes*
3) I walk a very thin line between “just a tad bit annoyed” and “pissed the effyouseekayoheffeff” on a daily basis.
2) One of the guys that I used to talk to is going prematurely bald and the thought of his new “wifey” rubbing Rogaine into his scalp before making an appointment at the nearest Bosley Medical amuses me to no end.
1) You can try to run from your commitments, your past and your future. You may even try to run from those that love you the most, but no matter how hard and how fast your run? You’ll never be able to escape yourself.

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