Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Check. Mate.

Try to slick a can of oil; who you think you foolin’?”
Let me break this down and put it in a format that you’ll understand:
you cannot play me; you will not win.
It is both impossible and improbable so I suggest you quit the utterly pointless, thoroughly unnecessary and all around tiring games. You’re far too old for this shit and I expected so much more from you. Hell, we both deserve more than what you’re currently givin’ and I can’t wait for the day that you finally get it together.
Not for me; oh no, I’m more concerned with you gettin’ it right for yourself.
But until that day comes, if you wanna play games? Fine; we can play. This isn’t checkers anymore, my King. You and I? We’re playing chess.
Don’t fuck around and lose your Queen.
-Leslie Elizabeth
excerpt from the THD’s

1 comment: said...

Wow that's deep, hopefully this king of yours makes the right moves so he doesn't lose you... cuz what a lost it would be.... I wouldn't be that foolish lets see if he is...