Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wii Are Not the Same

What it is, what it look like and the rest of those good ol'
stereotypical greetings I'm so fond of using? How be all of thee on
this cold for absolutely no reason other than it's an effing Tuesday
in February morning? Really now? Is that so? Well...whooptie doo and
hand-claps for you.
As for me, myself, LauRen, Elle and Ren--don't ask; I won't tell--a
good mood can't be found this morning. I'm sick. This would be the
part that if I were able to use my laptop or any other normal computer
I'd boldly italicize my text, change the color to hot pink and write
"really"--with all of the former text embellishing--sick. But I can't
do that right now. Partially because I'm really sick minus the text
embellishment but due mostly to the fact that I'm typing this post in
my Gmail and sending it to Blogger on my Wii from the comfort of
my living room. Yay for technology.
I've been sick since Sunday afternoon and actually slept through the
frickin' Super Bowl which, despite the fact that I'm no major Colts or
Saints fan, wasn't my intention. I apparently missed out on a hell of
a game which I had saved to my DirecTV DVR but The Parental Unit
decided to delete it for whatever reason. Bleh.
Speaking of Sunday, the Super Bowl and me being sick, I didn't get the
chance to type and publish the post I had written. Now is as good a
time as any to do so I suppose.

Black and Gold Bottles Like I'm Pro, New Orleans

But shawty I'm far from a Saint...

What it is, what it be like and what it do y'all? How art thou on this
Super Bowl Sunday? I'm sure that by now you've placed your bets on
your respective teams victory by now and are no doubt thinking up fun
and creative ways to blow your winnings when the Colts beat the
Oh. You thought that I was a Saints fan based on the title? Did you
not peep my italicized, 8pt, hot pink subtitle? I am FAR from a Saint
and before you get it twisted, I'm not some little filly trotting
after the Colts either. Nope. Football is another one of those things
that this "Pretty Girl" doesn't really give a four letter word that
starts with eff and ends with a youseekay [three letters; one word]
about. I'm more of a college sports fan to tell you the truth. Beside
that, I won't genuinely be interested in the Super Bowl until the
Lions--yes, THE Lions; THOSE Lions--manage to make it. Not cuz I plan
to root for the home team but because...
Nah, not even gonna do it.
I had planned to insinuate that it would be a sign of the Apocalypse,
but after last time with Karma-Karma-Karma-Karma-Karma Kameleon (she
comes and goes) I didn't think that it would be such a great idea.
Despite what you may wish to believe, I'm rather concerned about my
soul, thank thee kindly. Hmph.
Anyway, The (Infamous) One Elle Carter is currently in youth church,
half listening to the lesson and half thinking about the chorus line
of people that are currently doing the Can-Can, Heel Toe, Harlem Shake
and the COGIC Shuffle on the very last of my good nerves.
Once more, people are coming at me six different types of reckless
because they wish to believe that everything I say and do is a
personal attack on them. It's not. For one, I honestly don't care one
way or the other but for two, I don't have the time for the
subterfuge. Sorry to burst your ever increasing bubbles people, but it
is what it is and that's  what it be. I apologize for the fact that
you thought the things that I say were subliminals aimed at you, twas
not the case, let me assure you. You see, had I wished to embarrass
any of you, I would've called you out and done so. But as I didn't, my
intentions weren't to offend.
Just wanted to put it out there and let it be known. I don't have the
patience to be bothered with this foolishness much longer.
Now, if you'll excuse me, Boogie just told the class that I threw her
into a wall and I need to set the record straight.

Ugh. I'm stil not feeling well =(
Before I forget, my one year blogiversary (it's a word now, shut up)
is coming up on Friday and I've got absolutely nothing planned. I
can't shoot a video without my laptop and since that piece of shxt is
dead and those bastardtardmonkeytards at Dell are still being
buttheads when it comes to getting my ish fixed, I won't be able to
shoot for a while. I'm trying to think up a post but so far I've got
nothing so we shall see what I can come up with by Friday. While I
think up a master plan or at the very least an acceptable blog post,
I'm gonna recline in this here chair and pray that the room stops

Note: the room is still spinning but I decided to come over here to the desktop and embellish my text anyway. Now I feel really sick

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