Friday, September 18, 2009

You Know I Had to Do It Again Right?

I had to do it again…

That’s right, another video.

Now, I think that I was just a tad too hype when I was shooting a little while ago because every time I opened my mouth to speak, absolute gibberish would pop out. Which isn’t all that different than what usually happens when I open my mouth, but I was all over the place on those vids. Literally. There was one of me jumping up and down on my bed and another of me throwing ish around the room.

Anyways, decided that I should only do shout outs and even that got out of hand smh.

[Vimeo link]

Oh yeah, download the track that's playin' in the background and check out everyone that I shouted out while you're at it

Torkalina Ballerina

Lil bro :D


The DMV Vixen

Tweekygirlbandit [1 word]

lil sis Polo

Big sis Lynn

[Dumb] Dizzy

The heffa who sat in my seat


mi amor de mi vida

Before I hear any nonsense from some idiotard face that would cause me to go the eff off, I forgot people. Sheesh. There are a lot of y’all that get touched by my awesomeness. I’ll get you next time

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