Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rhapsody Needs to Give it Up Already

*big sigh*


So, maybe you’ve noticed the ads on mine blog—btw, feel free to click on ‘em…no, really. Ren insists on your clickage…lol, j/p. But click, okay? lmao—and while I was bored, re-watching the last two vids that I posted, I scrolled down and saw the above.

Hear it first…

Rhapsody? Yeah, y’all are on crack. I’ve had The Blueprint 3 since the day it leaked, the leak master –who is gettin’ on my gotdangnerves [1 word, shout out to Tweekygirlbandit and she knows why lol] because I didn’t shout him out in my last video *rolls eyes*—hooked me up when the one that I spent like half an hour downloading turned out to not work because it was posted by a big ol’ bucket o’Fail. But that’s not the point.

The point is, Rhapsody is killin’ me wit’ the false advertisement right now. Hear it first my ass. I heard that ish last week and IF I decide to buy it it’ll get virtually no play in Chez Ren and will be a $13 coaster.

By the by, like I told the lil ones, if you’re on your third blueprint…

it may be time to hire a new architect.

I’m just sayin’; let that marinate in your spirit while you take a listen to the New Jay and the Old Jay.

I’ll post an actual blog later. Or another vid. I know how much y’all like those lol.

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