Saturday, April 24, 2010

“You’re That Mistake That’s Waiting to Happen.”

Stacy’s mom may just have it goin’ on, but ya know what? Jimmy’s dad is really, really rad….Yeah, you’ll have to excuse me and the random reference to those faces from the milk carton The Fountains of Wayne, but it just randomly started playing in my head so eh, why not.
♪I know it might be bad but I’m in love with Nina’s dad♪
But I digress.
How goes it folks? It’s been forever and twelve point nine nine eight five four days since I’ve posted a blog and ya know what? I’m not even about to hit y’all with an excuse. I’ve just been lazy about updating The (Infamous) Life.
Bad Ren, bad.
*smacks hand*
But anyway, a few “announcements” then I’m out. And don’t worry, I’m ever so slightly hung over right now I have a slight headache so they’ll be short and those of you who actually read my blog won’t have to worry about your eyes saying, “Bxtch, we quit you for making us read this shxt.” Aren’t you excited?
First, my laptop is finally fixed! My poor, sweet, little piece of crap Dell was out of commission for two months but now it’s back in working order, so I can type up the blogs that I’ve written but never posted and update “Goode Lovin’ like I’ve been meaning to for a few weeks now. Other ish got in the way though so eh.
Secondly, there’s a possibility that some rather interesting ish is about to happen here on this rather neglected blog of mine. However, the details on all that are still sketchy at best so I’ll keep mum don’t you just love British sayings? until I’m more than a little positive that the plans that I’m currently putting in motion are actually going to happen.
I think there was something else I wanted to say, but my brain is a lil fuzzy right now, so if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go and refill my Coke, hop in The Bestie’s car and head back home to face The Egg Donor.
Tia somehow conned me into babysitting her bad ass little cousin with her and her super tall little sister last night and T.E.G. asked if I would be out all night or not when we left my house. I told her that I would be back home, but when we got done watchin’ him, we—meaning Tia—decided that we didn’t wanna go home just yet and, long story short because I really wanna get another Coke and get the fxck outta McDonald’s, we ended up kickin’ it and spendin’ the night wit’ Tia’s friend Rika.
Oh, and my nigga J. Cuervo too.
I’m gone.

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