Thursday, April 1, 2010

Markus is the Type That Gives “Goode Lovin’”

“Reality” dating shows. We know ‘em, love ‘em and love to hate ‘em.
Whenever some vapid and shallow pseudo celebrity—waddup Ray J?—is given one of these shows, we gripe; complain about how it will inevitably show our race and/or gender in a bad light and set our various recording devices to record the entire season. We don’t do it to watch our favorite asinine and trifling “celebrities”—what’s good Real and Chance?—look for love, lust or multiple sexual partners. Oh no sir and/or madam. We, and don’t try to act like you’re exempt from this because you aren’t, watch it for the Grade A, one of a kind fxckery that’s sure to occur.
Think about it. You get a handful of tramps, skeezers and flat out ho’s women vying for the affection of one man and jockeying for free publicity to expand their various horizons and realize their career aspirations. This is trainwrecky entertainment at it’s best and worst. I’m sure that somewhere out there, in a room lit only by the glow of VH1 on their television screen, someone is taking a shot every time a contestant on one of these shows exclaims “I’m a model” or “I’m here for him” and if they aren’t? Someone should be doing just that. Fxckery of epic proportions such as the ones displayed on these programs deserves a drinking game or three.
It’s only right.
Now, if you know me like the majority of y’all *cough* think you know me, you’re well aware of the fact that I thrive on fxckery and all fxckery related things which does, yes indeed, include “reality” dating shows. Again, if you know me like you think you know me, you also know how much I love to write. It should really come as no shock to you that the last time the clichéd light-bulb of creativity clicked on inside my head, I came up with an idea for a—wait for it—reality dating show.
”Goode Lovin’” sounds like it could be an awesomely bad VH1 show, doesn’t it? I’m still working out the concepts and am currently having a field day trying to format this side project of mine, but here go the basics.
The show revolves around Markus Goode and his “quest for love” thanks to his best friend, the shows executive producer. However, the story revolves around AJ Riley, the heroine if you will, and sheds light on what happened when the cameras weren’t rolling. The readers will get the chance to see what the girls are really like and will tell exactly what happened between AJ and Mark. 
As I said, I’m still putting it all together, but click here to get a lil bit of “Goode Lovin’”

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