Thursday, February 12, 2009

Here I Go Again…

First things first, I don’t really give a fuck about some of the shit that most of the bloggers on here care about. You can subscribe or follow me on here if you want to, if you don’t I promise it wont make or break me. Anyways….
The name is LauRen but please, call me Ren


and welcome to my blog.

I have a long history of blogging on Blogger, been doin’ it since the summer of ‘06 (and what a summer that was, *sigh*)  but due to the demands set upon me as a  (then) soon to be graduating high school senior, my postings became more and more infrequent. When I did get the chance to sit and blog, my posts got to be a little bit…how do you say slightly offensive? So, I scrapped all the old blogs and decided to finally start anew.

I don’t really plan to blog about one specific thing because that’s lame, so if thats what you, whoever you are that managed to stumble across my blog, were looking for, I’m not even gonna lie and say that I’m sorry to disappoint you. This blog will be strictly about the nonsense, bullshit and drama that I find myself being forced to put up with in my life. Maybe more but nothing less than that. So, expect to hear all about my unnecessarily complicated ergo next to nonexistent love life…well, it’s a long story, the sheer annoyance of a typical school day and my classes as a college freshman complete with my commentary on the shit that I find to be important or noteworthy. There will also be frequent appearances by my abnormal friends and subnormal family, one more than the other depending on who annoys me most at whatever point in time.

So…I guess that’s it then.

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