Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Wanna Thank My…

“Shout out to the sound-booth!”

So I’m sittin’ here in service, listenin’ to the recent graduates thank God, their momma, their hood waddup, Detroit? Southside! and their first grade teacher’s next door neighbors’ dog Spot and everyone in between, right? Yeah…the word bored doesn’t come close to describing how I feel at this current moment in time. I’m so thoroughly uninterested in the goings on that I’m counting wigs and weaves in the congregation.
So far I’ve got six phony-ponies, four wigs and seven weaves, one of which has tracks peaking out and throwin’ up gang signs like “Eff yo’ set, Sewn In’s run this thang, nicca!”
Jesus be a hot comb and better quality weave. Skip the synthetic, go human, hun.
Aight, let me leave Sister Sew-n-Sew alone. I heard it was supposed to storm later on and I don’t need to do anything else to tempt God to toss a lightning bolt my way.

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