Friday, June 11, 2010

Alley Cat Strike…Out.

“I got no words for these niggas; I’m instrumental on ‘em.”

If and when my arm falls off, I’ll be using it to beat some sense into these people for making me bowl another game.
But whateva. I’m gonna ignore  them, my swollen and slightly throbbing fingers and the fact that my Sony just started playing Johnta Austin’s demo of “One Time for Loveand keep it pushin’.
I can see beneath that jaded cover, that you’re a girl who’s starved for lovin’, so to you I offer all my heart…
Ugh; dammit Johnta!
*changes the song*
Electric Relaxationby ATCQ; much better. Now, where was I? Oh, yeah. Operation The (Infamous) One Will Have a Good Gotdang Weekend Despite the Fxckery, or “eff the dumb shxt” for short.
See, I refuse to let the nonsense stop me from enjoying myself. I don’t have the time or the patience necessary for all that. I’ll be too busy flirting with The Young One on ooVoo although Egg is still in possession of my laptop which might just ruin that plan smh and trying to decide if and when I want to head out to Kalamazoo or not. If any of the above falls through—and it might because I have some of the worst luck in the world—I thankfully have other plans. Might head back out to Detroit for a little while to kick it with a few members of my fam that I can actually stand to be around for longish periods of time or I might head out to Flint to do this thing. Who’s to say?
But uh…yeah. There’s this rather gorgeous guy walking in my general direction and the pimp in me would die a little death if I didn’t apply a quick coat of Mango Sorbetto lipgloss and go introduce myself.

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