Sunday, July 5, 2009

If They Won't Publish Me, Eff 'Em, I'll Put It Out There My Damn Self

*stretches and cracks knuckles*
What it is everyone and happy belated fourth of July. Or is it a belated happy fourth of July?
Eh, who cares, y'all weren't celebrating independence from the Brits as much as ribs, beer and all things barbecue yesterday so whatevs. Anywho, this post isn't about any of that, I honestly don't care what you did and didn't do yesterday, tis not my place and I wont waste my energy on y'all.
This post is about
Maybe you were one of the people that happened to take a glance at my genius when I had it posted earlier in the week, but as you can clearly see, it's not up anymore.
Not due to any copyright issues because the douchebags that were going for to publish my shit chose not to because of its lack of Vampires, Werewolves and Witches [Oh My]. So eff them and my loving corporate sponsors who chose to pull out at the last minute when they heard that I wasn't going to be on the New York Times Best Sellers list any time soon. Just ruined everything, I've been Cali dreamin' ever since last year and I was gonna finally get the chance to be with Quan and...
*takes a deep breath and counts to 10*
I'm calm.
I'm cool.
I'm collected.
Anyways, I could just sit here and rant, but I have pictures to edit for my mom so all I have left to say is this:
I've made Cam&&Essence their own website. One which I shall try to update as often as I can but Mom is trippin' wit' her parental controls and I really need to call Dell to fix my effin' laptop.
Anywho, for the latest in the Cam&&Essence Saga--is it too early to call it that? *shrugs*--you can click the link below
Cam&&Essence|♥|A Turner High "Diary"
I'll also be posting this in my link spot.
Well...that's it for now.
Go read.

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