Wednesday, June 17, 2009

YouTube Fuckery: Not Just For Dumb Bitches, Niggas Be Gettin' It In Too

[Turn my music off to watch the vids. Duh.]
What was it that possessed me to look around that cest pool and discover this filth?

How WRONG is it that they're dancin' wit' each other? Dancing with each other bare-chested with what appears to be a whole damn bottle of baby oil on them, in baggy ass sweats, plaid boxers and footsie socks might I add. If you said that the wrongness here was staggering then *ding ding ding* correct you are. Da hell is wrong wit' these niggas? Dancin' around their lil brothers bedroom lookin' all types of RAiNBOW.

Pause worthy foolishness if one were to ask me.

...These niggas are in a room together.
Listening to Pretty Ricky.
One of them is in nothin' but a pair of shorts.
Again in his little brothers bed...
No intelligent words does Ren have for this.

Southeast Slim
[in "One Thing About a Playa" by Wale featuring him and Jae Millz] said
"I'm gettin' all W's like a Nationals Fitted"
However, You in the Nationals fitted, yes, you in the video, get nada but L's from me for thinkin' that this shit is alright. Matter of fact, ya whole damn crew has been rated a CERTiFiED FAiL by yours truly. I'm mad at the nigga that quipped,
"And yes we do have sex like this"

How do you know how your boys have sex? Do you watch?
Are you the one they're havin' sex with?
What, let me kno somethin', I'm confused at that statement.
And what is with all that extra shit they apparently do in the bedroom? I understand a freak mentality--not even gonna go into that wit' y'all, tis for me and him to kno and for the rest of y'all to speculate about--but really now, these muhfuckas are takin' it too far if you ask me.
And Why doesn't Ol' Girl look interested in the least bit about the weird, freaky shit these niggas are doin' to her in time to "Chopped and Screwed"?
Anyways, this shit is obviously supposed to simulate sex, right? So...ya boy was just all up in the chick, now you go down on her? Tryin' to get a taste of some of his left overs? And word? You're gonna use your boy as a prop to do some acrobatic, totally extra bullshit?
Somebody let me know what the hell is goin' on. I need answers.

Damn you YouTube.

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