Monday, January 31, 2011

How (NOT!) to Sell Dreams to an Insomniac

Please, don’t play yourself like this sirs and/or madams. Just don’t.
I’m too lazy to cut, copy and paste this in the correct order, so read from the bottom up. You know the drill.
can't make this up
I’m going to be uncharacteristically nice and withhold my commentary on this “Block” fool, his annoying use of the Caps Lock key and that whole “Winkin’ at you” thing, throw up my first Track of the Day for 2011 and be out.
So…you know I had to pick
"Po Pimp"
by Do or Die featuring Twista, right?


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*stacie-ann said...

rofl! "winkin at you" and he thought he was so smooth. hey thanks for your comment on my blog! come back soon!! :)