Friday, February 19, 2010

Wholeheartedly I’ma Go Where I Be

I’d be a liar if I told you that I didn’t have a lot to say right now, but guess what everyone? I’m not in a good mood at the moment. Which is, y’know, nothing new, but go with me anyway. You see, I’m not the cause of my annoyance, not this time. It’s a combination of a lot of things. For example

♥ The stupidity and assumptions of people are really starting to piss me off
♥ The Parental Unit is currently receiving rave reviews for her role as Power Hungry Dictator in the ongoing production of The (Infamous) Life: The LauRen/Ren/Elle Carter Story
♥ My retainer is reminding me of why I haven’t worn this piece of shxt for five months as it irritates my gums
Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lighting Thief was a terrible movie that ruined one of my favorite book series and Greek Mythology. What I’m about to say will mean absolutely nothing to you if you’re not up on ancient Greek lore, but the story took place in the summer time. When Percy, Annabeth and Grover went to The Underworld, that bxtch Persephone wasn’t supposed to be there. That was just one cause of annoyance because that whole movie was just…ugh.
♥ I fell off of my roof—don’t say shxt, I’m warning you
♥ The Sperm Donor is scheduled to pick The Sibling and I up in the morning so he can ease his conscience by playing part-time dad and
♥my mp3 player is dying and I can’t find the cord to charge it

Expounding on any and/or all of the above would result in a rant the likes of which the blogosphere has never seen. Y’all don’t want that. More specifically, your eyes don’t want that and jeepers creepers, I don’t wanna be the cause of your peepers handing you a pink slip that says “Bxtch, boo, bye: we quit”.
Outside of earlier, I haven’t been able to update the blog in a while due to someone someone *side-eye to the parental as she lays on the couch reading my copy of PJATO: The Battle of The Labyrinth*  trying to control my access to the computer. On top of that, a certain company *side eye to those fxcktards at Dell* has been bullin’ in regards to the fixage of my laptop. I’ve had to conduct the majority of my Internet browsing via my Wii. Now, as awesome as it is to surf the web from the comfort of my couch, that shxt sux.
I can log onto Blogger but I can’t blog, the same goes for my blog on OnSugar. I’m not too sure about typing one up as a note on FaceBook, but I’m not about to chance it.
I can’t blog but I can order a pizza from Dominos. What kind of shxt is that?
*rolls eyes*
I feel as though I’m goin’ crazy…er with all the stupid shxt that’s goin’ on right now and to be honest, the only thing that’s keepin’ me sane is thinkin’ about the conversation I had on Valentine’s Day with Him. Made me realize just how much I miss it. Talking to Q for hours, hearing his voice…I just missed Him.
He gave me some really…what’s an adjective worthy of this situation? Good doesn’t cut it. Hmm. Q told me something astounding, amazing, remarkable, fantastic, sensational and effing great that night, and I’m really looking forward to it, even though I know that I shouldn’t be. What he said is enough to make me smile randomly throughout the day and thinking about it now has me with the “Asian” smile (^_^) on my face. The last few times that I brought something like this up in one of my blogs I jinxed it and it didn’t happen and after almost two years, it’s finally time to make it happen. So…here’s to hope.
Anyway, I’m about to kickback, work on this deadline of mine, watch Criminal Minds, eat a few of the sugar cookies I baked earlier and just chill, but before I do, let me hit ya with my Tracks of The Day.

First up, my industry husband in my head Johnta Austin's demo of
"One Time for Love”
which was recorded by Ginuwine and put on his last album, the name of which escapes me as I didn’t buy or download that shxt. This track has an unfinished third verse that is on the Ginuwine version of the song, but with the slowed down tempo of the demo and Johnta’s voice, you can actually feel the song. Ginuwine’s version has more of a beat that you’d hear in a club, something that you’d dance to. Johnta’s demo is more of a song that you’d play in the bedroom, foreplay music if you will.

Next up, we’re switching gears with LA’s
I Was Born With Headphones Attached to My Earlobes”
I’d throw up a more info link for LA, but the thing is, his name isn’t really Google friendly as I’m sure you guessed. *sigh* That’s too bad, son is nice. However, I can do this and let you listen to the MC from the Chi.

Last but most certainly not least, we have The Five One’s
Waiting For”
I wouldn’t even know where to begin, what can I say about the COLORS? Their music bends, blends and breaks genres and…hell, just listen.

Oh, for the record…BLUE is my fav COLOR (=

The last two tracks are included on the iLLVibes Presents: Music I Wish Was on the Radio Vol. 1 mixtape presented by the crew from IV. Deffy somethin’ you should add to your collection.

Now, time for those cookies…
I’m out.

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